Ceralta Technologies Inc. announces the launch of a combined direct sales force to support the strategic direction and valued customer base of Ceralta and its subsidiaries TRU Corp. and Sage Laboratories Inc. TRU and Sage are radio frequency and microwave solution providers that garner significant brand recognition in the marketplace due to the individual technological innovations and growing value to their customers since each was founded in the early 1950s. Ceralta’s combined sales force will be jointly directed by Michael Wisner and Ed Kersten.

Ceralta’s new direct sales force supports the individual business development goals and furthers the business unit specific missions and market presence of TRU and Sage by adding to their unique strengths and strategies. The identities of the TRU and Sage businesses will remain foremost in the marketplace, along with Ceralta, as each entity grows from this combination to leverage more significant brand awareness in the marketplace.

"The united effort will create increased opportunities to cross sell our products and services, allow for Sage, TRU and Ceralta to get closer to our customers, and move up the value chain," stated Ed Kersten, director of sales, Ceralta Technologies.

Customers will have access to a broader line of products and solutions drawing on the resources of both Sage and TRU in designing and procuring active and passive components and subsystems because of the seamless combination. For technically demanding projects, cross-functional engineering and design talent teams will be assembled.

Chairman of the Board and chief executive officer of Ceralta, Eugene F. O’Neill, Jr., stated, "A combined direct sales force provides greater opportunity to develop deeper customer relationships and a broader product and solution offering. The combined sales staff will be chartered to drive sales growth across all product lines and capabilities for the Ceralta group of companies."

The team at Ceralta anticipates a stronger market presence with the complementary strategies and customers of its subsidiaries, TRU and Sage, who both have long track records of being premier RF and microwave solution providers. "Where open territories exist for either the Sage or TRU product lines, Ceralta will be exploring opportunities for joint representation without compromising already established relationships," said Michael Wisner, director of sales, Ceralta Technologies.