RF Design Software

ACS recently released a new version of its LINC2 Pro RF and microwave design, synthesis and simulation software suite. Version 2.71 Release G adds variable parameter sweeps to the LINC2 simulation control toolset. Now swept variables can be assigned to equations or to circuit component parameters so that displayed circuit responses can be viewed against the variable sweep at any selected frequency. When swept variables are included on a schematic, the user can choose to plot circuit simulation output data as a function of any variable or as a traditional frequency sweep (frequency response) or both.

Applied Computational Sciences (ACS),
Escondido, CA
(760) 612-6988k

RS No. 310

Virtual Field Monitor for AR Field Probes

AR’s virtual field monitor provides a graphical user interface that allows control of all probe functions, while displaying probe data and status. The probe can control up to 16 probes – any combination of AR’s battery or laser powered field probes – through available RS-232, GPIB or USB ports. Field strength data can be displayed in four ways: XYZ, Min/Max Avg, Min/Max Hold and Graphical. The VM7000 also has the ability to correct probe readings at a user defined frequency using a table of frequency response correction factors.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181,

RS No. 311

Automated Test and Measurement Software

ORBIT/FR Inc. is releasing version 4.1 of its automated test and measurement software. The 959Spectrum software provides far-field, near-field, RCS and radome measurement capability from one common interface that is intuitive and extremely powerful. This version has enhanced many standard device interfaces while adding support for Windows Vista. In addition, the new device architecture of the latest release provides an easy upgrade path for users of previous versions. This upgrade will be available free of charge to all customers with a valid software maintenance and support contract at the time of release.

Orbit/FR Inc.,
Horsham, PA
(215) 674-5100,

RS No. 314

XFdtd 6.5 With True MPI Capability

XFdtd 6.5 is the first full-wave electromagnetic solver to offer true MPI capability, which allows large problems to utilize the full capability of computer clusters. XFdtd leads the industry with important features such as the patent-pending Fast Meshing Algorithm, mesh preview before calculation, multiple frequency-specific results and GPU hardware acceleration. Applications include microwave, RF, antennas, scattering, biological EM (including MRI and handheld devices), photonics, packaging, EMC and electromagnetic behavior of specialized materials. In addition to the company’s software products, Remcom offers flexible licensing options for installations of all sizes and custom engineered solutions.

State College, PA
(814) 861-1299

RS No. 315

3D EM Simulation Tool

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO“ (CST MWS) is a leading-edge tool for the fast and accurate simulation of high frequency (HF) devices such as antennas, filters, couplers, planar and multi-layer structures, and SI and EMC effects. With a user friendly interface, easy data exchange to and from other software tools, a choice of first class solvers and excellent post-processing tools, designers can leverage the latest developments in 3D electromagnetics to bring designs to market faster and with lower risk

CST of America“ Inc.
Framingham, MA
(508) 665-4400

RS No. 312

Automated Characterization Suite

Keithley has enhanced its Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) software to include optional wafer level reliability (WLR) test tools for semiconductor reliability and lifetime prediction testing applications. Version 4.0 builds on the ACS software’s existing single- and multi-site parallel test capabilities, adding a database capability, as well as software tools and optional licenses for the new Reliability Test Module (RTM) and ACS Data Analysis capabilities. Together, the new Reliability Test and Data Analysis tools allow ACS-based test systems to produce lifetime predictions as much as five times faster than traditional WLR test solutions. By accelerating WLR testing during the technology development, ACS systems can significantly reduce time to market for new products.

Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH
(440) 248-0400

RS No. 313

Product Configuration Tool

Technical Communities, a service provider for technical organizations that sell to US government agencies, military organizations and prime federal contractors, introduced a new free advanced product configuration tool on its on-line equipment marketplaces GSAMart and TestMart. With the extensive on-line capabilities, GSAMart and TestMart users get a fast and easy product configuration process without the worry of any conflicts or invalid configuration choices. Based on proprietary logic algorithms, which in part use specific manufacturer configuration rules, the free on-line tool helps users configure more than 4,500 models of technical equipment and instruments across 63 product categories from five manufacturers.

Technical Communities,
SSan Bruno, CA
(650) 624-0525

RS No. 316

On-line Builder

This on-line builder is designed for configuring GORE™ Ultra High Density (UHD) Interconnects to use in bench-top test systems, instrument probe cable, parallel data link, production floor equipment and automated test equipment. GORE Ultra High Density (UHD) Interconnects provide an integrated system of board mount headers and ganged assemblies with reliable signal integrity performance. Cost savings are achieved through shorter test setup, fewer calibrations and smaller boards. GORE UHD Interconnects enable lower loss, lower skew, better impedance control and shorter board trace lengths.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,
Elkton, MD
(800) 445-4673

RS No. 317