Wavecom S.A. has expanded its Centers of Excellence (CoE) program to include four new Centers across the globe, bringing the total to six.

The companies hosting these new CoEs are: ConnectM, based in Bangalore, India, which provides end-to-end solutions, analytics, and business intelligence to the transportation, industrial, utilities and enterprise markets; Lattech Systems, a South African-based research and development company providing data solutions over public GSM telecommunication networks;

and two US partners—North Carolina-based Device Solutions that provides device consulting, design, development, testing, certification, project management and approval services to clients worldwide, and Spectrum Design Solutions, Minnesota, which is an embedded wireless product design company.

Wavecom certifies all Centers of Excellence based on a thorough evaluation of their technical expertise, business focus, financial stability and quality standards. These CoEs are regularly trained on the company’s technology. As certified CoEs they act as trusted advisors and prescribers of the company’s solutions, serving as sub-contractors for design challenges and opportunities. This program gives the CoEs access to all new Wavecom solutions and the latest innovations.

The partnership program emphasizes bridging the technology gaps that many new wireless machine-to-machine projects encounter. By working with qualified and competent Centers of Excellence, adopters of connected systems can remain focused on their core businesses and leave the wireless part of equation to experts.