Company History

Founded in 2001, Modelithics has provided products/services to over 180 corporations, including repeat business with Fortune 500 companies like: Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Du Pont, Motorola, Honeywell, Raytheon, and EMC Corporation, as well as several other industry leaders such as Tyco Electronics, Harris, Cree, Vishay, American Technical Ceramics, RFMD, Sennheiser, Triquint, NXP, Mitre and Draper Laboratories among many others. Modelithics also has alliances with several leaders in RF/MW instrumentation and software, including: Anritsu, Accent, Agilent Technologies, Ansoft, AWR, Cadence, J-Micro Technologies, GGB Industries, Keithley, and Maury Microwave. The company supplements its in-house modeling capabilities with its strong network of highly-experienced external consultants and partners.

Company Today

Modeling Expertise

• Experience in all common device formats: wafer-level, die & package

• Linear, non-linear & noise model development

• Silicon & III-V FET characterization model extractions: LDMOS, VDMOS, CMOS, GaAs, GaN, InP HEMTs pHEMTs, etc.

• Silicon and III-V, BJT/HBT Characterizations/Extractions Silicon, SiGe, GaAs, InGaP, etc.

• Extensive background in packaged & surface mount component modeling

• Complete coverage of passive modeling (surface mount, discrete and IC)

• Behavioral modeling for sub-system blocks (e.g. IC amplifiers, switches, mixers)

• Broad expertise for model library implementation in RF/Microwave EDA tools

Instrumentation & Characterization Capabilities

• S-parameter measurements for 30 kHz–110 GHz, –50C to 200C; 4-port capability to 26 GHz

• Load- and source-pull in multiple bands from 200 MHz–110 GHz (power, TOI, efficiency, etc.)

• Noise parameter measurements through 26 GHz; noise figure measurement 10 MHz–40 GHz (higher frequency as custom); 1/f through 1 MHz

• Manual & semi-automatic on-wafer RF probing systems

• DC-IV, CV and pulsed IV

• IC-CAP, and all major microwave EDA tools

• Spectrum analysis through 110 GHz

• Impedance measurements from 1–3000 MHz

• High-power testing capability (up to 300 W in some bands)

• Hybrid assembly (solder re-flow, wire-bonding, epoxy match)

• On-wafer, chip and packaged devices

• Custom fixture and calibration standards design

Company Product Categories


Models for Surface Mount RLC


Non-linear Models for: Varactor Schottky, PIN Diodes


Nonlinear Transistor Models for: FET, BJT, HBT


Linear and Non-linear System Component Models for: Filters, Switches, Amplifiers, Mixers

Contact Information

3650 Spectrum Blvd., Suite 170
Tampa, FL 33612
Phone:813-866-6335 • Fax: 813-558-1102