William Bazzy’s introductory message from the publisher, from the July/August 1958 issue of Microwave Journal.

This is the first issue of "the microwave journal." Our objective is simply to offer a forum to the industry and be the means of communication for the people in this segment of the electronic field.

We feel that a definite need exists for a full-time magazine devoted exclusively to microwave matters. True, microwave material is published in other respected magazines, but only intermittently, and as a section of the whole electronic complex. In a survey made, the need was expressed for a practical publication for the working engineer in the growing microwave industry. "The microwave journal" is intent on "Saving your Time" by presenting only pertinent matters of interest to the groups working at microwave frequencies in the fields of antennas and propagation, electrons, and solid-state devices, systems and components manufacturers.

We will try to bring the finest talent available and communicate their acquired knowledge and skills for the benefit of all. It is our aim to open the pages of "the microwave journal" to this expanding industry with its attendant problems.

We do not pretend to be a profound document but are intent on producing a practical publication as an effective tool for the working engineer. Our Associate Editors and Associates will contribute regularly and give us the benefits of activities in their respective fields.

Additionally, we will include editorials with a business flavor by men in key positions, that will enable the industry to evaluate the thoughts and problems of their fellow associates within the microwave groups. There will be company profiles that should interest people in reading about the phenomenal growth that has been attained by some of the organizations that started in a corner of a barn or of a small group that has now grown to sizable proportions. Biographies of those who have made worthy contributions to the industry will also be featured regularly.

In total, we hope that this will enable those in the industry to keep in touch with one another, to keep the channels of communication open for the benefit of all.

William Bazzy learned communications and electronics engineering while serving in the military in the 1940s. As a young radio and television broadcast engineer in Boston, he participated in the explosive growth of national broadcast networks, including intensive working sessions at RCA technologies, where new standards were being developed. In 1958, he brought together a team of engineering colleagues to address a need for technology information to serve professionals in the broadcasting and communications industries and Microwave Journal was born. As publisher, Bazzy led the magazine through tremendous growth as RF and microwave technology markets grew across the United States and around the world. In 1968, Mr. Bazzy’s company, Horizon House, launched Telecommunications magazine to serve technical and management professionals in the fast rising voice and data communications industry. The company evolved to include industry exhibitions and conferences for the microwave and telecom industries, organized and produced from offices in the US and in London. Mr. Bazzy continues to serve as Chairman of Horizon House.

Celebrating the Microwave Industry, by Carl Sheffres, Microwave Journal Publisher

2008 marks the 50th year of Microwave Journal (MWJ) in print. To celebrate the occasion, we have been running a monthly “Then and Now” feature, reprinting a classic article from the early years and inviting industry experts to write about the current state and future projections of each technology or product area. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this feature to date and will continue to enjoy them through the remainder of the year.

This issue is a very special one, as we commemorate the debut of Microwave Journal 50 years ago this month. In July of 1958, a group of entrepreneurs launched MWJ with the basic mission to “… offer a forum to the industry and be the means of communication for the people in this segment of the electronic field.” That simple mission has proven successful for half a century and counting.

But this issue is more than a celebration of Microwave Journal. It’s a celebration of the industry as a whole; an industry with countless pioneers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Randy Rhea touches on many of the visionaries and events that helped to create and shape our industry in his article titled “Historical Highlights of Microwaves.” Representatives from SiGe Semiconductor and Raytheon share their views on “Future Projections for RF/Microwave Technologies” and James Rautio provides an interesting angle on the history of James Clerk Maxwell in his article titled “Twenty Three Years: The Acceptance of Maxwell’s Theory.” Editor David Vye expands on the past 50 years of RF/microwave events through the pages of MWJ with his first installment of a monthly series to run through the remainder of the year. We have also included some “Company Profiles” from the early years, which I think you’ll find interesting. Many companies in our community have recently, currently are, or shortly will be, celebrating their own major milestones. In speaking with companies during the year, it became readily apparent that we could not adequately cover every such company, without invariably and inadvertently leaving some out. With that in mind, we decided to offer a special “Company Profile” feature in this issue, allowing companies to tell their own story in an advertorial format. These profiles will give you a peek at the histories, milestones and successes of some of the companies that make our industry so unique.

From meeting with companies throughout the year and doing some quick research, I was amazed at the longevity of so many RF/microwave companies. Of particular note are Rogers Corp., who celebrated their 175th last year, Anritsu with a history of over 110 years, Valpey Fisher at 77, Rohde & Schwarz are celebrating their 75th, Aeroflex at 71, and HP/Agilent Technologies and Molex, now in their 70th year. Companies with histories longer than 50 years include Tektronix, Keithley, Maury Microwave, M/A-COM (Microwave Associates), Boonton (WTG), Microphase, Microwave Development Labs (MDL), Microtech, TRU Corp./ Sage Labs, Times Microwave Systems (Smiths), Coilcraft, San-tron, Spinner, Daico, Narda Microwave and Carlisle Interconnect Technologies. Rosenberger is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Companies with more than 40 years include RLC (49), TRAK, Greenray, Herley, Delta Electronics, Voltronics, SV Microwave, Werlatone, MECA, Astrolab, EMC Technologies (Smiths) and Microwave Filter Co. Companies celebrating their 40th anniversaries next year include MITEQ, Mini-Circuits, AR Worldwide and Huber & Suhner. Those celebrating anniversaries this year not previously mentioned include Sonnet Software (25), Teledyne Storm (30), American Microwave (30) and Delta Microwave (35).

I’m certain to have omitted many deserving companies, and I apologize in advance. But that only serves to support my assertion that we work in a very unique industry, where companies continue to innovate and grow over many years and its people tend to stick around for the long haul. It’s unique in a very good way. If I have not mentioned your company, please visit http://microwavejournal.blogspot.com and add your comments. Randy Rhea has invited our readers to add their comments to his historical piece as well.

We’re proud to be celebrating our 50th anniversary and equally proud of the industry we serve. We’re also thankful to our loyal readers and advertisers, without whom we would not have reached this milestone.