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Signals in your noise can really mess up a design. They can impact communication performance or even cause you to fail EMC tests. Understanding what’s in the noise is becoming a more important part of designing products and wireless systems in the new digital age. For the detection, quantification, and classification of noise, we cannot rely on old tools and methods to give the insight needed to understand the hidden behavior of noise.

Comments: The article is good enough, but a bit comprehensive. The article can be made more attractive and informative if the author introduce simple mathematical expressions. At the same time design remedies can be highlighted.

Satyajit Chakrabarti, SAMEER Kolkata Centre
7/24/2008 4:20:00 AM

Response from the Author: Hi Satyajit,
Mathematical expressions applied to EMI detection center on the probability of intercept (POI) for a particular event. There are numerous references that can help you understand the POI that are dependent upon a number of specific factors in a traditional swept spectrum analyzer: span, RBW, sweep speed, retrace time, and signal event duration. Real-time technology simplifies the math. POI is 100% within the real-time bandwidth for a defined minimum event duration or greater. Live RF simplifies the math. Thanks for reading the article. Darren

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