Vishay Intertechnology Inc. announced the release of the new VJ series of surface-mount, open-mode design (OMD) multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC) with available polymer terminations to prevent board flexure cracks. Offered in eight case sizes with X7R and C0G dielectrics, the new devices provide a wide range of capacitances and increased capacitor voltage breakdowns.

The VJ series of OMD MLCCs are designed to prevent shorts or low insulation resistance due to board flexure cracks, reducing the risk of field failures and lowering warranty costs. To further reduce the risk, the capacitors are available with polymer terminations, which increase board flex by as much as 50 percent.

Optimized for applications including buck and boost DC-to-DC converters, voltage multipliers for flyback converters, and lighting ballast circuits, the new devices will be used in lighting systems and power supplies for medical, computer, motor control and telecommunications applications.

The new series of OMD MLCCs released feature higher voltage breakdowns than standard designs with voltage ranges from 50 to 3000 VDC. The devices offer a wide capacitance range of 100 pF to 1.8 μF (with X7R dielectric) and 10 pF to 4700 pF (with C0G dielectric), with excellent reliability and thermal shock performance. Case sizes range from 0805 to 2225.

Samples and production quantities of the new VJ surface-mount OMD MLCCs are currently available, with lead times of approximately eight weeks. Pricing for US delivery for K tolerance 0805 case size parts begins at $0.0675 in quantities of 1,000 pieces.

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