The European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) has approved the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) standards for the delivery of multimedia content and services on the move, paving the way for a new era in broadcasting and telecommunications. As the strong synergies between mobile and broadcast technologies develop, the telecom and broadcasting industries are aligning their interests to take full advantage of the wealth of opportunities opened up by this marriage.

Outlining the significance of the announcement, the WorldDAB Forum’s president, Annika Nyberg, commented, “ETSI’s approval of the DMB standard is an important step forward in the anticipation of a strong mobile technology in Europe and worldwide. Manufacturers, chip designers and solutions providers are already poised to bring video, along with DAB audio and data services, to consumers using DMB enabled devices. WorldDAB expects DAB’s DMB application to take a significant place in the emerging world of digital broadcast entertainment.”