EPCOS, a manufacturer of electronic components, modules and systems, has acquired the activities of NXP Semiconductors Netherlands B.V. in the area of Radio Frequency Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (RF-MEMS). Through the acquisition EPCOS continues its strategy of cooperative ventures and acquisitions aimed at extending its technology and product range, boosting its growth and entering new growth sectors. The new RF-MEMS business opens up additional market potential to the company in the potentially lucrative mobile communications market.

EPCOS is a world market leader in RF filters and with RF-MEMS, the company is extending its portfolio of RF products. To date these comprise both discrete filters and integrated modules, used for the transmit and receive circuits of mobile phones. With the RF-MEMS technology, the company expects to open up a new area of applications in the mobile phone market; RF-MEMS products are used between the transmit/receive unit and the antenna, and thus increase the company’s share of value-added in this area. Moreover, MEMS technology also offers attractive growth opportunities outside the RF sector.

“By acquiring NXP’s RF-MEMS activities, we are strengthening our competence in RF technology and are thus accelerating the transformation of our company from a manufacturer of discrete components to a systems provider,” explained EPCOS president and CEO Gerhard Pegam. “By entering into the RF-MEMS business we are laying the foundation to benefit even more strongly from the growth dynamics of the mobile communications market in the future.”