Orbit, a leader in the development of advanced solutions for mobile SATCOM, tracking antennas and audio management for commercial and government applications, announces the delivery of six Marine Stabilized Satellite systems – the OrSat – to AITelecom.

AITelecom, a Mexican company operating in the field of satellite communications and ground installations, will provide Orbit’s OrSat systems to one of the most recognized suppliers of PEMEX, the Mexican government’s gas and oil company.

AITelecom started providing Marine SATCOM services in late 2006 based on Orbit’s OrSat systems, and installed a communications hub, in order to extend the delivery of broadband services to end-users in the area of the Gulf of Mexico. Now, after having just signed an agreement with the PEMEX supplier for the purchase of four Orbit's OrSat systems, AITelecom has installed a second hub, which will enable the provision of additional bandwidth, allowing for the expanded delivery of Internet services and data transfer to users in the area.

According to the CEO of AITelecom, Orlando Castellano, "The Orbit satellite systems that we are supplying enable the expansion of bandwidth to the rapidly developing Gulf of Mexico region. Orbit’s satellite systems are unique in their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and are therefore ideally suited to this region."

OrSat is the only antenna that has received both Intelsat and Eutelsat type approvals. Based on Orbit’s extensive experience and wide-ranging technical expertise, the small-footprint OrSat antenna delivers an unmatched performance-to-size ratio, as well as an extensive set of sophisticated features that are typically associated with larger antennas and higher costs.

The powerful, compact solution assures completely dependable, high speed, high quality and always-on broadband communication, to and from every location, with Ku-band coverage, even in the most difficult marine conditions. User friendly and flexible, OrSat is deployed and operating on hundreds of platforms worldwide.

According to Orbit's CEO, Ehud Netzer, "We are very pleased to be participating in this important project, which will significantly expand end-user services in the fast-growing areas surrounding the Gulf of Mexico. This contract is a testament to Orbit's advanced technology, the high quality of our systems and the level of our customer service."