In a deal valued at over $1 M in revenue, Ceragon Networks Ltd. is shipping its advanced FibeAir® solutions to Codetel, the leading fixed and mobile operator of the Dominican Republic and a subsidiary of America Movil, the leading wireless service provider in Latin America.

The operator is expanding its backbone network using the FibeAir 3200T point-to-point backbone transmission solution, which provides high capacity connectivity using multiple STM-1, OC-3, FE or GbE, enabling the deployment of voice and data services for rapidly growing networks. Allowing quick and easy deployment, this trunk system powers Codetel with an economical alternative to fiber optic lines.

Additionally, the operator will implement the high-capacity FibeAir 640 solution into its access backhaul network, which will enable it to quickly scale up the capacity of its access backhaul network using remote software configuration. Juan Mota, network planning director at Codetel, explained, “Ceragon’s high-capacity wireless solutions allow us to put our network in operation quickly, while the modular architecture of their systems will enable highly cost-efficient upgrades in the future.”