Endwave Corp., a provider of high frequency RF modules for telecommunications networks, defense electronics and homeland security systems, announced the receipt of a production contract from Brijot Imaging Systems Inc. Brijot, an industry leader in passive millimeter-wave imaging, has selected Endwave as the sole-source supplier of radiometer assemblies for use in its GEN 2 full body imaging system that employs passive millimeter-wave technology for concealed object detection and people screening.

Under the terms of the contract, Endwave will produce complete radiometer assemblies operating over a millimeter-wave spectrum known as “W-Band”, which ranges from 75 to 100 GHz. Initial deliveries are projected to commence in the second quarter of 2008, while additional orders are expected to be released upon Brijot’s acceptance of the first production units.

The Brijot® GEN 2 full body imaging system features include full-motion, real-time passive millimeter-wave imaging capabilities that allow for the detection of concealed threats and enable virtual pat-down screening of individuals. The system detects suspicious hidden items, including explosives (solids, liquids and gels), weapons, contraband and stolen merchandise. The system’s passive radiometric scanner can detect concealed objects by distinguishing between the passive millimeter-wave energy naturally emitted by the human body and the energy of the concealed objects even when they’re hidden beneath clothing. Deployed in a stand-off application, it is a safe and discrete screening solution for all.

“We are proud to award this contract to Endwave for the production of these advanced millimeter-wave subsystems,” said Brijot president and chief executive officer, Mitchel J. Laskey. “Endwave’s reputation as a leader in the millimeter-wave security market makes them an obvious choice for the manufacturing of these critical sensor subsystems. With their historical and distinguished strength in high-volume, automated manufacturing of high-frequency systems, we see Endwave as a key partner as we expand production of our passive millimeter-wave full body imaging systems.”

“This production contract underscores the success Endwave is having in applying our innovative millimeter-wave technology and manufacturing capability in markets outside of telecommunications,” said Ed Keible, Endwave’s president and chief executive officer. “Brijot is an important new customer for Endwave in the emerging high-growth homeland security market. We believe that the Brijot relationship has the potential to produce substantial annual revenue for us over the next several years.”