Harris Corp., an international communications and information technology company, has announced the deployment of its RF-7800W high-capacity line-of-sight radio by the 2-25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) of the US Army’s 25th Infantry Division. The RF-7800W delivers expanded high-bandwidth secure communications to the battlefield.

The 2-25th SBCT is using Harris RF-7800W radios to provide wireless backbone connections between battalion and brigade command posts and their company outposts and joint security stations. The SBCT has effectively integrated the radios into the Joint Network Transport Capability-Spiral (JNTC-S), a key component of the Army’s battlefield communications solution. Secure wide area network (WAN) connectivity through Harris RF-7800W radios enables the maneuver company commander to rapidly synchronize military intelligence systems with brigade, division and national level databases. WAN connectivity also provides a common operational picture and situational awareness of defined areas of responsibility and facilitates operational planning and command and control with higher headquarters.

“Harris radios provide commanders at company outposts and joint security stations with digital high-speed secure connectivity, enabling real-time intelligence and situational awareness,” said Lt. Col. Rob Fisher of the 2-25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team. “This helps the commander see and understand his operating environment, the enemy threat and ultimately make informed decisions that will save lives.”

The radios are part of Harris Corp.’s expanding line of high-capacity tactical radio systems, which deliver a robust tactical network and enable critical applications such as real-time video transmission, situational awareness traffic and military voice and data exchange. Designed for network-centric operations, the radios securely transfer encrypted Internet Protocol (IP) traffic over distances of greater than 50 km under clear line-of-sight conditions in fixed point-to-point and 20 km in point-to-multipoint configurations. The RF-7800W provides voice and data transmissions with very low latency and supports power-over-Ethernet for limited cabling and easy deployment.

“The RF-7800W expands Harris Corp.’s tactical radio leadership into high data-rate communications systems,” said George Helm, vice president and general manager, US Government Products, Harris RF communications. “The RF-7800W provides deployed forces with the high-speed, low-latency data capability needed to exchange voice, video, imagery, intelligence and situational awareness data. This information, delivered in real time, enables improved decision-making and allows commanders to act and respond within the enemy’s decision cycle.”