As part of a management buy out, Infineon Technologies has transferred its activities in the area of RFID software solutions to RF-iT Solutions GmbH. This means that patents, trademarks, licenses, development hardware and software, as well as current customer projects and RFID demonstration applications have been transferred to RF-iT Solutions, which has its registered office in Graz, Austria.

Infineon focuses its RFID activities in the area of object identification on logistics applications and other intelligent label applications on the further development, production and marketing of RFID chips and inlays, which comprise chips, antennae, and the connection between chip and antenna.

The newly formed RF-iT Solutions will take over all activities related to RFID system solutions, including the You-R®OPEN software, which Infineon developed to market readiness, as well as readers and service components. The company will continue to develop its range of services and You-R OPEN. In addition, RF-iT Solutions will continue to operate the RFID Solution Excellence Centre in Graz. The Centre acts as a showcase for different RFID applications, a development laboratory for sector-specific RFID solutions, a verification laboratory to carry out technology research and a customer training centre.