Agilent Technologies Inc. demonstrated its full range portfolio of WiMAX test solutions April 9-10 at the Suntec Convention Center, Booth 34. Agilent's test solutions address the WiMAX test requirements in design verification, pre-conformance, conformance, network deployment and service assurance. These test solutions enable engineers and managers in R&D, manufacturing and service networks to create and advance WiMAX-based communications.

"Our line-up of leading-edge, performance-based systems demonstrates our wide offering of WiMAX test solutions that are enabling a successful WiMAX marketplace deployment," said C. J. Meurell, European Operations general manager of Agilent's WiMAX and WLAN one-box-tester products. "Agilent's participation in the WiMAX Forum Congress reinforces our commitment to the success of WiMAX. Our leadership and dedication to meet the needs and issues not fully addressed by other test solutions on the market will empower today's engineers to create a new range of WiMAX-based communication possibilities."

Agilent's demonstrations at the Congress included:

• The Agilent N5182A MXG vector signal generator, ideal for R&D, design validation and manufacturing of components such as base station MCPAs (multi-carrier power amplifiers) and receivers for communications systems. The accompanying N7615B Signal Studio for WiMAX supports many new capabilities for Wave 2 testing. They will be used with Agilent's 89600S VXI-Based Vector Signal Analyzer with two RF channels and 89601A vector signal analysis software to show signal generation and analysis capabilities for 2x2 Wave 2 MIMO testing.

• The Agilent N8300A Wireless Networking Test Set, which provides fast, accurate measurements optimized for Wave 2 Mobile WiMAX Manufacturing Test.

• Wave 2 MIMO testing capability, featuring Agilent's E6651A one-box WiMAX tester, will include protocol and pre-RCT conformance test, radiated performance test, end-to-end data transfer, and network entry/data connection.

• Agilent's Advanced Design System EDA software with the Mobile WiMAX library, which helps wireless systems designers and verification engineers speed development of communications products for broadband wireless access applications.

• Agilent's WiMAX Drive Test system, which enables end-to-end troubleshooting and optimizes WiMAX networks with a comprehensive and flexible solution. It offers real-time collection and display of data for triple play networks (voice, video and data), it enables device measurements, PHY states, server details, cell states, network status, WiMAX MAC protocol messages and voice/video Quality of Experience (QOE).