Phase-locked Crystal Oscillator

The PLXO-Series phase-locked crystal oscillators from EM Research are now available with significantly improved performance and smaller size. With the option of a surface-mount or connectorized package, PLXO offers several outputs: sine 7 dBm, 10 dBm, CMOS and PECL. The new smaller-sized surface-mount package (0.9 x 0.9 x 0.25 in.) also features exceptionally low phase noise characteristics (< –140 dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz typical) and enhanced spurious response (< –65 dBc). PLXO is available in fixed frequencies between 5 and 420 MHz with a lock range of ±5 ppm. Applications include DDS clocks, DAC and ADC clocks, fiber-channel ethernet, SAS/SATA, SONET/SDH and receiver LOs.

EM Research Inc.
Reno, NV
(775) 345-2411

RS No. 216

Voltage-controlled Oscillator

Crystek’s CVCO55CL-0902-0928 VCO operates from 902 to 928 MHz with a control voltage range of 0.5~4.5 V. This VCO features a typical phase noise of –115 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and has excellent linearity. The model CVCO55CL-0902-0928 is packaged in the industry standard 0.5 x 0.5 in. SMD package. Input voltage is 5.0 V, with a max current consumption of 20 mA. Pulling and Pushing are minimized to 2.00 MHz and 0.80 MHz/V, respectively. Second harmonic suppression is –15 dBc typical. The CVCO55CL-0902-0928 is ideal for use in applications such as digital radio equipment, fixed wireless access, satellite communications systems and base stations.

Crystek Corp.
Ft. Myers, FL
(239) 561-3311

RS No. 217

Ruggedized Rubidium Oscillator

This ruggedized rubidium oscillator is designed for ground tactical, shipboard and airborne applications where superior frequency stability under diverse environmental conditions is required. The 8200 supports these applications with superior phase noise and excellent short- and long-term frequency stability. Available as a small, low profile package, the 8200 Rubidium Oscillator provides 5 or 10 MHz output with multiple, high performance, low phase noise outputs support varied time and frequency applications; 1PPS input that enables easy integration with GPS receivers for improved accuracy; and a hermetically sealed package with shock/vibration hardening that enables operation over wide range of environmental conditions. Optional features include low phase noise, low g-sensitivity and multiple output configurations.

Santa Rosa, CA
(707) 528-1230

RS No. 218

Coaxial-resonator Oscillator

Z-Communications Inc. introduced its new CRO2935B-LF lead free, RoHS compliant, coaxial resonator oscillator in S-band (2850 to 3020 MHz) featuring low phase noise performance of –109 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset. This design offers typical tuning sensitivity of 23 MHz/V and is designed to provide 0 dBm output power (typical) at 8 V (DC) while drawing 26 mA (typical) over the extended operating temperature range of –40° to +85ºC. The CRO2935B-LF comes in Z-Comm’s industry standard MINI package measuring 0.50 x 0.50 in. x 0.22 in. This VCO is intended for automated surface-mount assembly and reflow. It is available in tape and reel packaging for production requirements.

Z-Communications Inc.
San Diego, CA
(858) 621-2700

RS No. 219

10 W Fixed Attenuators

Trilithic’s RF & Microwave Components division released new fixed attenuators designed for 10 W DC to 6 GHz applications. This new fixed attenuator series is available in 3, 6, 10, 20 and 30 dB attenuation values. The Model HFP-510-6 features rugged construction with N male/female connectors, a maximum VSWR of 1.20:1 and attenuation accuracy of ±0.3 dB for values up to 20 dB. Applications include radar configuration, amplifier test and telecommunication and Wi-MAX labs.

Indianapolis, IN
(317) 423-6615

RS No. 220

Jitter Attenuator

Valpey Fisher Corp. recently introduced the VFJA905 jitter attenuator, an integrated clock/PLL timing solution for 1 and 10 G synchronous ethernet applications. It features two LVCMOS outputs with a frequency of 25 MHz that can be locked to an input reference frequency. Two select inputs, S1 and S0, allow the user to select one of three preset input frequencies or a free-run mode. The VFJA905 provides a selectable input frequency range from 8 kHz to 200 MHz and an output frequency range of 10 to 200 MHz. It features ultra-low output jitter (0.18 ps RMS 12 kHz to 20 MHz). The device operates from a +3.3 V DC power supply and typically consumes 150 mW. The VFJA905 is available in a 19.5 x 15.5 mm surface-mount package and is RoHS 6/6 compliant.

Valpey Fisher Corp.
Hopkinton, MA
(800) 982-5737

RS No. 221

AIN Attenuator

Florida RF Labs announced the release of the 83A7038F surface-mount technology (SMT) attenuator. This new chip attenuator is especially suited for RF and microwave amplifiers and sub-systems. The 83A7038F SMT attenuator operates from DC to 6 GHz and provides excellent impedance match in the entire frequency band. The attenuator is rated at 20 W of continuous RF input power and it comes in a 0.200 x 0.175 in. (5.08 x 4.45 mm) package. It is available from 1 to 10 dB in 1 dB increments with a tolerance as low as ±0.3 dB.

Florida RF Labs
Stuart, FL
(772) 286-9300

RS No. 222

Detector Log Amplifier

Advanced Microwave is introducing ERDLAR520E, a small wideband extended range detector log amp for radar receiver systems. The unit is only 0.745 sq in. and covers 0.5 to 20 GHz with a wide dynamic range (72 dB). Other features include switchability from pseudo AC coupled to DC coupled and vice versa using a TTL control pin, which is useful for noisy environments and anti-jamming purposes. The ERDLAR520E is built using a proven and tested design technique and can handle 30,000 G force, equivalent to dropping the part from 10,000 feet to the ground and surviving the impact.

Advanced Microwave Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 739-4214

RS No. 223

Ku- and Ka-band Power Amplifiers

Endwave Corp. has announced the release of two new power amplifiers that deliver power and linearity performance for Ku-Band VSAT networks and emerging broadband satellite communications at Ka-Band. The Ku-band module features 40 dB (min) gain, 0.5 dB (max) gain flatness, typical output power at P1dB of +37 dBm, output 3rd order intercept of +47 dBm (typ) and DC current of 2.6 A at +15 VDC. The Ka-band module features 27 dB (min) gain, 1.0 dB (max) gain flatness, typical output power at P1dB of +36 dBm, output 3rd order intercept of +43 dBm (typ) and DC current at +15 VDC of 5.6 A. The noise figures of these transmit power amplifiers are equally impressive, measuring 4.5 dB (max) at Ku-band and 6.0 dB (max) at Ka-band. All units have a maximum VSWR of 2.0:1, without the use of RF input or RF output isolators. These parts are also available in a bench-top 19 in. rack-mount configuration for instrumentation applications. In this form-factor, the rack-mount units operate off 120-240 VAC and include all the necessary AC-to-DC conversion, power line filtering and conditioning internal to the unit.

Endwave Defense and Security Products Division
San Jose, CA
(408) 522-3100

RS No. 224

Low-noise Amplifiers

Avago Technologies announced a high-performance, low-noise amplifier (LNA) in an ultra-thin package size. Avago’s new MGA-645T6 is an easy-to-use LNA with integrated bypass switch and shut down function optimized for customer premise equipment and base station equipment used in 802.11 b/g, WiMAX, WiBro and satellite digital multimedia broadband (S-DMB) applications. With a built-in bypass switch, Avago’s MGA-645T6 operates in the 2.4 GHz spectrum; a follow-on product will support the 3.5 GHz spectrum. The MGA-645T6 LNA delivers an industry-leading low noise figure of 1.1 db and superior linearity. This improves the receiver’s channel capacity and dynamic range and enables simultaneous WLAN and WiMAX functionality. Additionally, the LNA’s shutdown function extends battery life of portable WiFi devices.

Avago Technologies
San Jose, CA
(800) 235-0312

RS No. 226

GaN Broadband Power Amplifier

The Aethercomm Model Number SSPA 0.5-2.5-50 is a high-power, broadband, gallium nitride (GaN) RF amplifier that operates from 0.5 to 2.5 GHz. This PA is ideal for broadband military platforms as well as commercial applications because it is robust and offers high power over a multi-octave bandwidth. This amplifier operates with a base plate temperature of 85°C with no degradation in the MTBF for the GaN devices inside. It is packaged in a modular housing that is approximately 4.0 x 6.0 x 2.85 in. This amplifier has a typical P3dB of 50 watts at room temperature. Noise figure at room temperature is 6.0 dB typical. This amplifier offers a typical gain of 55 dB with a typical gain flatness of ±2.0 dB. Typical OIP3 is 55 dBm. Input and output VSWR is 2.0:1 maximum. Class AB current is ~4.0 amps typical employing a +24 VDC supply. This PA operates from 18 to 36 VDC input voltage. Typical harmonic values are –30 dBc in band.

Aethercomm Inc.
San Marcos, CA
(760) 598-4340

RS No. 225

High Dynamic Range Driver Amplifier

M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, announced a new high dynamic range, low noise, single-stage driver amplifier. The MAAMSS0070 driver amplifier is intended for general-purpose applications in wireless infrastructure, such as mobile base station transceivers, cellular repeaters, WiMAX and WiBro customer premises equipment (CPE), and medical and test equipment. The usable bandwidth for this amplifier is 250 to 3800 MHz and is easily optimized for specific frequency bands through the use of external matching components. The MAAMSS0070 features output P1dB levels of +22 dBm with gain of 12 dB at 2140 MHz, while achieving high third-order output intercept performance and low noise figure over a broad frequency range. All the amplifiers in this family are housed in Pb-free, RoHS compliant SOT-89 plastic packages.

M/A-COM Inc.
Lowell, MA
(800) 366-2266

RS No. 227

High-linearity Amplifiers

Spectrum Microwave introduced a new line of lower cost amplifiers that provide high linearity and a low noise figure. These amplifiers feature a new lower cost surface-mount package and are available with frequencies from 20 to 4000 MHz, IP2 values to +75 dBm and noise figures as low as 0.9 dB. QBH-8900 series amplifiers offer gain from 10 to 28 dB and third-order intercepts to +45 dBm. The amplifiers feature internal blocking caps, biasing circuitry and RF matching. In addition to being cost effective, the new packaging for these high performance amplifiers is lightweight. QBH-8900 series amplifiers are designed for a wide range of applications including military radios, mobile communications platforms, point-to-point and multipoint radios, and military jammers.

Spectrum Microwave
Palm Bay, FL
(888) 553-1531

RS No. 228

InGaP Power Amplifiers

RF Micro Devices announced the expansion of its wireless infrastructure product portfolio with the introduction of the SPA-1426Z and SPA-1526Z power amplifiers. The SPA-1426Z and SPA-1526Z are 1 and 2 W, respectively, indium gallium phosphide (InGaP) power amplifiers that address base station applications across all cellular standards and frequencies. The SPA-1426Z and SPA-1526Z Class A InGaP power amplifiers exhibit backed-off linearity performance, which is particularly critical to WCDMA high power amplifier applications. Housed in RFMD’s proprietary SOF-26 package, the SPA-1426Z and SPA-1526Z provide low thermal resistance and power dissipation while providing RoHS and WEEE compliance. The SPA-1426Z and SPA-1526Z feature on-chip active bias circuitry and bias control pins, in addition to an input power detector and rugged class 1C ESD rating (greater than 1 kV HBM).

RF Micro Devices
Greensboro, NC
(336) 664-1233

RS No. 229



Mimix Broadband Inc. introduced a gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch, the CSW0118-BD. Using 0.5 micron gate length GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) device model technology, this switch covers the 0.5 to 18 GHz frequency bands, and achieves 1.8 dB insertion loss and 35 dB isolation. The device also has a P1dB of 20 dBm and 2 ns rise/fall time. The CSW0118-BD is intended for radar, communications, avionics and test/measurement applications. The backside is gold plated, making the device compatible with either eutectic or conductive epoxy die attach and either thermocompression or thermosonic wire bonding. The chip also has surface passivation to protect and provide rugged parts with backside via holes and gold metallization to allow either a conductive epoxy or eutectic solder die attach process.

Mimix Broadband Inc.
Houston, TX
(281) 988-4600

RS No. 232

Surface-mount GPS Module

The TiMax TI125 is a small OEM surface-mount GPS module that has been specifically designed for use in synchronization and timing applications. The TI125 has an on-board programmable NCO oscillator that outputs a synthesized frequency up to 30 MHz that is steered by the GPS receiver. The TiMax TI125 is an exceptionally small surface-mount package (25 x 27 x 4 mm) with a highly integrated architecture that requires the minimum of external components allowing easy integration into host systems.

Connor-Winfield Corp.
Aurora, IL
(630) 851-4722

RS No. 230

AIN Resistors

International Manufacturing Services Inc. (IMS) announced the release of the APX-CS series aluminum nitride resistors. These SMT devices feature a metal center stripe on the backplane to improve thermal conductivity through to the customer’s groundplane, thus enhancing power capacity. The stripe is electrically isolated from either of the wrapped terminals. This design provides significant advantages to manufacturers of power supplies, two-way radios, industrial instruments, communications equipment and other systems that require high power dissipation, coupled with an environmentally safe solution. Enhanced performance can now be achieved without sacrificing real estate or employing a potentially hazardous substance.

International Manufacturing Services Inc.
Portsmouth, RI
(401) 683-9700

RS No. 231

Digital SPDT Switch

MITEQ Inc. introduced its new Model SW2-200305RD2NF reflective single-pole double-throw switch covering the frequency range from 20 to 30.5 GHz with a minimum of 30 dB isolation and VSWR of 2:1 (max). The 1 BIT input control word is TTL compatible and the time between the 50% point of the input control pulse to the 10 to 90 percent point of detected RF is within 30 ns. Rise/fall time is < 20 ns (typical). The power handling capability is 20 dBm. Available options include an extended band version, as well as sub-band versions.

Hauppauge, NY
(631) 436-7400

RS No. 234

Surface-mount Resistor

Vishay Intertechnology Inc. announced a new surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor that offers improved resistance stability during operation with a maximum resistance change of 0.5 percent through a 2000-hour workload. The WSLS2512 devices feature specially selected materials that allow for current sensing in high-temperature (+125°C), tightened-stability applications that require precision current monitoring of sensitive circuits, such as automotive electronic controls including engine, transmission and pollution controls. Manufactured using proprietary techniques that result in extremely low resistance values of 0.01 to 0.1 &OMEGA;, the WSLS2512 features all-welded construction with a solid metal nickel-chrome alloy resistive element. The resistor offers low inductance values of 0.5 to 2.0 nH, a tight tolerance down to ±0.5 percent and low TCR values down to ±30 ppm/°C.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
Malvern, PA

RS No. 236


Desktop Electroplating System

LPKF Laser & Electronics introduces the MiniContac RS, reverse pulse plating system, specially developed for the professional production of prototype and small batch production PCBs. This cost-effective system is completely enclosed in a compact table top size, ideal for any rapid PCB prototyping situation, especially small runs and tight work locations, such as a research environment. The MiniContac RS has the ability to plate holes as small as 8 mil (0.2 mm) vias in 62 mil thick standard PCBs smoothly; thin or fragile materials can easily be placed in a support framework before processing. The MiniContac RS handles circuit boards as large as 9 x 13 in. (230 mm x 330 mm) and is completely closed with no external connection needed.

LPKF Laser & Electronics
Wilsonville, OR
(503) 454-4212

RS No. 237

4.9 GHz Sector Antennas

Radio Waves Inc. has announced a family of new 4.9 GHz sector antennas that are optimized for the 4.9 to 5.0 GHz band. These antennas, the SEC-49 series, are available in both 60 and 90 degrees and are available as vertically or horizontally polarized sectors. These new antennas cover a number of services in the public safety band. This new band will aid communications among public safety agencies by making communications easy for emergency workers in different jurisdictions.

Radio Waves
N. Billerica, MA
(978) 459-8800

RS No. 238

Remote Optical Network Units

Andrew Corp. has introduced two new remote units for cost-effective radio-over-fiber applications that ensure coverage and capacity in demanding wireless environments. The new ION-B High-power Single-band UMTS remote unit and ION-B Medium-power Triple Band EGSM/GSM1800/UMTS remote unit offer higher power options for extending in-building radio coverage and enhancing performance in multi-carrier and multi-band applications. Andrew’s Intelligent Optical Network (ION) series optical distribution system carries radio signals loss-free over fiber optics at all power levels at distances ranging from 100 meters to 20 kilometers.

Andrew Corp.
Westchester, IL
(708) 236-6600

RS No. 239

High-speed Fabric Interface

Emerson Network Power’s new Embedded Computing business, formerly Artesyn Communication Products, announced a new high-speed switched fabric interface for its KAT4000 AdvancedTCA (ATCA) telecom blade. The enhanced interface provides dual 10-Gigabit Ethernet channels for accessing the ATCA high-speed fabric. The KAT4000 is a configurable, PICMG 3.1 (Option 9) ATCA blade that can accommodate up to four AdvancedMC modules. To maximize system throughput and flexibility, the KAT4000 provides separate control/management and data planes, each with its own independent switching capability and ATCA fabric connection. The control/management plane, available with an optional Freescale 8548 management processor complex, utilizes separate Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express switches to connect each AdvancedMC site to the ATCA Base Fabric. The KAT4000’s data plane utilizes Gigabit Ethernet (one channel per site) to connect each AdvancedMC site to an on-board switch, and dual 10-Gbit/sec Ethernet channels to link the switch with ATCA’s 10-Gbits/sec high-speed fabric.

Emerson Network Power Embedded Computing
Madison, MI
(608) 831-5500

RS No. 241

W-band Multiplier

The Spacek Labs Model A3X2X91F W-band multiplier assembly is available space qualified. The A3X2X91F consists of a X2 frequency multiplier feeding a power amplifier followed by a X3 frequency multiplier. A combination high pass/low pass waveguide filter provides suppression of unwanted harmonics for this W-band multiplier. This LO source multiplier drove the Spacek Labs manufactured mixers for the transmitter and receiver front-end of the CloudSat Program Cloud Profiling Radar. Launched on April 28, 2006, and now orbiting at an altitude of 438 miles, CloudSat has been providing unprecedented, vertically cross-sectioned images of major weather systems.

Spacek Labs Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 564-4404

RS No. 242

Simulation and Design Software

Ansoft Corp. has released new versions of Nexxim,® the company’s high-capacity circuit simulation software, and Ansoft Designer,® its integrated schematic and design management software. The products include new statistical analysis and transient simulation capabilities that allow engineers to rapidly simulate high-speed serial channel behavior. Nexxim v4 features VerifEye,® a new methodology for eye analysis of serial links using statistical methods that maintain accuracy while offering major reductions in run time compared to conventional transient methods. These products combine to allow engineers to accurately predict signal integrity effects and EMI/EMC performance of advanced electronic systems, including gigabit communication channels, multi-function high-speed wireless systems and sophisticated microwave systems.

Ansoft Corp.
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 261-3200

RS No. 243

Digital-pulse Compression Subsystem

Temex announced the launch of a new digital pulse compression subsystem (DPCSS) with chirp generator (transmitter) and compressor (receiver) modules at intermediate frequency (IF): the CI BM7xx. This DPCSS with analog I/Os enables upgrades of SAW-based radars by increasing overall system performance. The CI BM7xx comes from Temex’s 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of high-performance signal processors. Combining the latest generation field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for signal processing and the analog input and output for the IF of the SAW, this signal processor is an excellent replacement solution for currently operating SAW-based radars. Temex’s digital solution lowers power consumption in comparison to oven devices. This pulse compression sub-system is self-consistent and needs only a DC supply voltage for operation. All the pulse compression parameters such as center frequency, bandwidth, time dispersion, modulation law and weighting function are programmable.

Sophia-Antipolis Cedex, France
+33 (0)4 97 23 32 53

RS No. 244

Test Equipment

Lightweight Signal Generator

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has introduced a lightweight 2U, 3.5 in. high signal generator with a bandwidth of 9 kHz to 1.2 GHz and an RF output range from –140 to +13 dBm. The Model SG1200 provides very low carrier frequency with excellent resolution and low harmonics. The SG1200 is suited for RF immunity testing for both conducted and radiated immunity systems covering the requirements for MIL-STD-461D/E, DO-160D/E, IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-6 and many other EMC test standards. The SG1200 signal generator features both internal and external AM, FM, phase and external pulse modulations, and provides the capability of combining internal and external modulations. The SG1200 is a rugged design providing electronic trip protection to protect the generator’s output against reverse power up to 50 W.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181

RS No. 245

Ruggedized Synthesizers

Elcom Technologies Inc. has released its new RS Series family of ruggedized synthesizers. The single-loop PLL synthesizers employ Elcom’s proprietary design architecture to provide low phase noise and fast switching speed, < 50 microseconds, in a compact ruggedized configuration. These synthesizers maintain specified performance under conditions of vibration exceeding 6 G-RMS. Operating base plate temperature range is –55° to +85°C. The PLL synthesizer module includes GaAs ICs assembled with chip-and-wire construction. For high reliability, the module is hermetically sealed with laser welded RF and DC connectors, and with laser welded top and bottom covers. The RS Series PLL synthesizers are intended for low observability in spread-spectrum military airborne and ground-based communications systems. They have application in many types of radar and ECM systems and in other types of communications systems.

Elcom Technologies Inc.
Rockleigh, NJ
(201) 767-8030

RS No. 246

Broadband Vector Network Analyzer

Anritsu Corp. has enhanced its Lightning Broadband ME7808C vector network analyzer (VNA) so that it provides higher output power to drive active and passive components at optimum measurement levels, and improved calibration stability so that the broadband VNA can satisfy the most demanding measurement needs. Among the design enhancements made to the ME7808C are relocating the couplers inside the multiplex combiners, improved Kelvin design bias tees, better RF and LO stability, and greater short-term and long-term calibration and measurement stability. The ME7808C has also been designed with improved phase stable cables for better calibration and measurement stability. The ME7808C delivers significantly improved performance due to the enhancements. It can provide up to –13 dBm of power across the entire 40 MHz to 110 GHz frequency range.

Anritsu Co.
Morgan Hill, CA
(408) 778-2000

RS No. 248