Ericsson has won a two-phase turnkey contract to implement microwave and optical transmission solutions for M1, one of Singapore's leading mobile communications providers. Under the agreement, Ericsson is to supply, implement and maintain full turnkey microwave and optical transmission solutions that allow optimization on both network and sites – acting as the backhaul of M1's wireless broadband and cellular traffic – thereby resulting in a more robust and cost-effective network.

The transmission portfolio, comprising Ericsson's MINI-LINK solutions, Marconi OMS 800 and OMS 1200 platforms and the ServiceOn management system, is expected to rollout in the early part of 2008 and will involve several hundred sites across Singapore. The two-phased project will focus on expanding the capacity of these 600 sites and fully utilizing backhaul speeds, thereby improving performance of M1's transmission network.

The MINI-LINK portfolio can be optimized for simple installation with a compact, capacity agile outdoor unit. New base stations or interfaces can be added to the backhaul network configuration in a matter of minutes, thus minimizing maintenance and upgrade costs.

Neil Montefiore, M1's chief executive officer, stated, "This announcement marks a significant milestone for M1 as we are now more self-sufficient in network ownership. We have chosen Ericsson as their microwave transmission solution provides us with a platform for flexible, scalable and cost-effective network expansion and management, in addition to helping us meet the emerging challenges of next-generation networks.”