Intelligent Optimization Tool

Optimizer is new intelligent tool for Vector Fields’ electromagnetic modeling and simulation software that will automatically find the best solution to a design problem. Optimizer automatically selects and manages multiple goal-seeking algorithms to eliminate the need for manual intervention and to make optimization feasible in virtually all design cases. Optimizer works in conjunction with the Opera electromagnetic design package, which is available in general-purpose form, or with solvers dedicated to specific electromagnetic applications. The tool automatically applies and dynamically manages the algorithms to eliminate the usual requirement to perform lots of time-consuming simulations.

Vector Fields Inc.
Aurora, IL
(630) 851-1734

RS No. 310

Global Models Library for Agilent-ADS

Modelithics Inc. has released an enhanced version of its CLR Library™ of highly scalable, passive surface-mount component global models for Agilent-ADS. This upgrade adds several new models, including 01005-, 0201-, 0402- and 0603/0604-size capacitors and inductors from vendors such as AVX, Murata, Taiyo-Yuden, Coilcraft, Toko and TDK. In addition, the 5.0 release includes a new feature that will automatically update the layout geometry for pad-scalable models to match user-specified values for the pad dimension parameters. This significant upgrade will be available free of charge to all CLR Library (for ADS) customers currently under a Modelithics Platinum Maintenance contract. This update will be available for other supported simulators in the near future.

Modelithics Inc.
Tampa, FL
(813) 866-6336

RS No. 311

Filter and Coupling Matrix Synthesis Software

Guided Wave Technology’s Filter and Coupling Matrix Synthesis software facilitates synthesis of N+2 coupling matrices for Chebyshev bandpass-filtering functions, with arbitrary finite-position transmission zeroes. The software also facilitates coupling matrix synthesis through topology matrix definition. It gives a fast and accurate overview of insertion loss, isolation, group delay and coupling coefficients versus filter order, return loss and transmission zero positions. The software allows placement of complex transmission zeroes, which opens up for group delay shaping and analysis.

Guided Wave Technology ApS
Hilleroed, Denmark

RS No. 312

RFIC Simulation Software

Agilent Technologies Inc. has released GoldenGate Plus for RFIC simulation, analysis and verification. Agilent’s GoldenGate Plus product line speeds the design of large-scale RFICs for wireless communication products. It combines the high-capacity GoldenGate simulator, acquired from Xpedion in 2006, with a customizable data display, electromagnetic (EM) simulation, and system-level design and simulation. The GoldenGate simulator is fully integrated into the Cadence Analog Design Environment. Its unique algorithms are optimized for the challenging demands of large and complex RFIC design, and enable full characterization of complete transceivers prior to tape-out.

Agilent EEsof EDA
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 345-8886

RS No. 313

Harness Design Software

Tyco Electronics has introduced HarnWare V5.4, the latest version of its harness design software. HarnWare harness design software allows designers to produce drawings and specifications for a wide range of wire harnesses. The finished drawing packages produced by HarnWare contain general assembly drawings, wire lists, complete bills of material, wiring schematics, labor estimates, harness weight estimates and other items. Some of the main upgrades in HarnWare V5.4 include: IGES export options for HarnVis, support of Visio 2007 and support of Windows Vista and Vista security features. In addition to the functionality improvements, Harnware V5.4 includes a complete update to Tyco Electronics’ part number and product catalog for improved component selection options.

Tyco Electronics Corp.
Berwyn, PA
(610) 893-9800

RS No. 314

Low-Profile Antenna Design Feature

MegaWave Corp. has applied a new absorbing boundary technique for the Flomerics MicroStripes 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation solution that accelerates the design of low-profile and zero-profile ground antennas. In order to accurately model ground waves using electromagnetic simulation, the Earth normally needs to be modeled to at least three times the skin depth of the wave to allow space and time for the ground wave to be differentiated from the fields that propagate into the Earth that are ultimately dissipated in the dielectric losses. The new technique creates a boundary condition that absorbs the field propagating into the Earth model without disturbing the ground waves that contribute to the overall antenna radiation pattern.

Flomerics Inc.
Marlborough, MA
(508) 357 2012

RS No. 315

Microwave Test and Measurement

MI Technologies has introduced its MI-3000 Arena™ data acquisition and analysis software package. The MI-3000 Arena’s user interface is specially designed to create productive work environments for antenna, radome, radar cross-section, and other microwave test and measurement applications. The MI-3000 Arena package offers four work environments: The Quick Pattern environment lets users easily collect and plot data in a focused, straightforward manner; the Standard environment provides easy access to all the features of the MI-3000; the Tool Kit environment allows users to easily set up test and measurement processes for repeatability; the Classic environment offers users the convenience of working with their familiar displays with access to all MI-3000 features.

MI Technologies
Suwanee, GA
(678) 475-8300

RS No. 316

MLCC Model Library

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd. (SEMCO) has released a model library of its state-of-the-art, high-density, miniaturized, surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC) for use with AWR’s Microwave Office® design suite. The Samsung/AWR MLCC library consists of hundreds of capacitor models, including high-frequency, high-capacitance, high-voltage, low profile, super small array and low inductance ceramic capacitors (LICC). The component models themselves utilize S-parameter data taken directly from the actual device characterization process, which in turn yields excellent accuracy of the capacitor’s electrical response within Microwave Office simulations (frequency- and time-domain). The Samsung MLCC library is free to AWR customers.

Applied Wave Research
(AWR) Inc.
El Segundo, CA
(310) 726-3000

RS No. 317

3-D Electromagnetic Solver

Remcom has released XFdtd® 6.5, the latest version of its full-wave 3-D electromagnetic solver based on the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method. XFdtd® 6.5 includes important features from previous versions, such as the patent-pending Fast Meshing Algorithm and both distributed-memory MPI cluster computing and GPU hardware acceleration. In addition, version 6.5 offers many new features and improvements, including multi-frequency sinusoidal results such as Efficiency, SAR and Antenna Patterns from one transient excitation; improved results for frequency-dependent materials using Cole-Cole parameters; periodic boundary conditions with phase shift; improved waveguide excitation; nonlinear diodes with variable parameters; Ludwig polarization; and independent specification of time delay for multiple sources.

State College, PA
(814) 861-1299

RS No. 318

MEMS Visualization Tool

Coventor Inc. has added a 3-D visualization tool called Scene3D to its schematic-based MEMS design environment ARCHITECT. With Scene3D, users can create 3-D views of an ARCHITECT schematic and visualize simulation results with fully contoured three-dimensional animations. ARCHITECT with Scene3D creates a rapid virtual prototyping environment for the most challenging MEMS and MEMS-enabled systems. ARCHITECT with Scene3D not only helps the user to ease the design process, but also to document and communicate from initial steps to full production across all design and management levels. ARCHITECT Scene3D provides output filters to generate 2-D masks or 3-D solid models in standard formats, making it seamlessly fit into most established design flows.

Coventor Inc.
Cary, NC
(919) 854-7500

RS No. 319

Maxwell Magnet Material Library

Ansoft Corp. has announced the availability of a new library of permanent magnet materials from Shin-Etsu Magnetics Inc. for its Maxwell® electromagnetic field simulation software. The library contains data for more than 31 high-performance permanent magnets defined at different operating temperatures using rare-earth elements that can be downloaded by Ansoft customers and are ready for use within Maxwell. Permanent magnet materials are used in many applications, including motors, sensors and actuators. Maxwell users now have access to the latest materials from Shin-Etsu to use directly within their simulations of new or existing designs.

Ansoft Corp.
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 261-3200

RS No. 320

EMC Layout and Design Software

As part of the curriculum in Donald Sweeney and Roger Swanberg’s EMC by Your Design Seminar/Workshop (April 3, 4, 7 and 8, 2008; Hilton Hotel, Northbrook, IL), students will use, and then take home free-of-charge, a copy of the proprietary EMC Layout and Design software program created by the instructors. This proven software package addresses design considerations from component level, through circuit boards, to enclosure level, including cabling and interconnects, and enhances the theories presented both in the class and in the Mardiguian textbook. The four-day seminar/workshop is presented in a practical, hands-on style providing a step-by-step design process to avoid EMC problems.

D.L.S. Electronic Systems Inc.
Wheeling, IL
(847) 537-6400

RS No. 321