Telsima Corporation, a global leader in WiMAX™ systems and the overall market segment leader in WiMAX deployments, unveiled its innovative IEEE 802.16e-2005 Mobile WiMAX Base Station at the India Telecom 2007 show at New Delhi on Dec 12, 2007. The StarMAX 6400 series based Mobile WiMAX base station's innovative features ensure that it is Mobile and Enterprise/Portable application agnostic. Technically, this means that the StarMAX 6400 base station is operable with Telsima's central provisioning system supporting high bandwidth Enterprise and Portable/Nomadic subscribers — while at the same time it is interoperable with NWG compliant ASN-GW supporting highly mobile users.

Telsima has developed a comprehensive set of solutions for its 6400 series base station including PHY, MAC, QoS, hand-off, RRM, WiMAX management and user management etc.

"This innovation is born out of the market demand where most operators need to serve enterprise & residential subscribers. They seek to migrate to 16e infrastructure at this time when the ASN-GW is not standardized and is costly. In this constellation, Telsima offers the most commercially viable solution that can leverage its Tier 1 operator proven central provisioning system for 802.16e applications and at the same time, route its mobile users to get managed by ASN-GW infrastructure" says Burcak Beser, CTO of Telsima.

At the India Telecom 2007 show at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, between Dec 12-15, Telsima unveiled its IEEE 802.16e-2005 compliant StarMAX 6400 Mobile WiMAX Base Station and demonstrate live applications. The base station will connect over-the-air with multiple PC cards to demonstrate mobile Internet access, VoIP calls and multicast video. The demo will operate at 2.5 GHz over 5 MHz bandwidth to show download speeds of over 10 Mbps.

Adlane Fellah, CEO & Founder Maravedis Inc says, "Telsima is increasingly recognized as a fast mover and leader in WiMAX technology and large scale deployments, especially in India. Their ground of success lies in their ability to understand correctly the market requirements of their home market India and high-growth Emerging Economies worldwide and turn these opportunities into volume selling products. Their 16e solution — which is also part of their 'D+E dual mode' architecture, adds to this well balanced concept of matching technology innovation with business needs".

The driver for Telsima's success is its Tier 1 operator-proven, certified WiMAX product portfolio with built-in mobility today and the Mobile WiMAX solution portfolio. The Telsima innovation allows operators to offer mobile services, MIMO antenna diversity and ASN type network control today — and to smoothly migrate among technology preferences and customer portfolio & service changes. For full details on its Mobile WiMAX product portfolio, please visit

Telsima's market leading position was recently also acknowledged by its winning the WiMAX World USA 2007 award for its Indian WiMAX rollout in the category of Digital Cities Deployment.