Redline Communications Inc., a leading provider of standards-based WiMAX and broadband wireless infrastructure products, today announced it has received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval for its RedMAX™ WiMAX Outdoor Subscriber Unit (SU-O) in the United States. With this approval, Redline now offers the only complete FCC-certified WiMAX system for the newly-available 3.65 GHz frequency band.

"Redline is pleased to be celebrating another first in WiMAX, as the first equipment manufacturer to receive FCC approval for 3.65 GHz WiMAX products," said Kevin Suitor, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development. "Redline is set to meet the pent up demand in the United States for our RedMAX products, which are among the most widely-deployed WiMAX Forum Certified™ systems, and are now powering 44 commercial networks around the world. Redline's focus on high-performance and interoperable network equipment has enabled operators worldwide to reap the benefits of true WiMAX technologies."

Redline's RedMAX SU-O is designed for outdoor installation at business or residential locations to establish broadband wireless connectivity to the network operator's WiMAX base station. Each Redline RedMAX AN-100U base station can provide broadband connections to thousands of business or residential users.

"Redline's RedMAX products are well suited for deployment in the 3.65 GHz band under the rules set out by the FCC," added Mario Pidutti, Director, Product Management at Redline. "Using time-division duplexing (TDD), RedMAX products enable service providers to support high volumes of traffic within a small amount of spectrum. This technology advantage translates to a stronger business model, as the operator can support a higher number of commercial subscribers and generate more revenues from their network."

Redline's RedMAX™ Family

Redline's RedMAX family of WiMAX solutions includes the world's first complete system to receive the WiMAX Forum Certified™ mark for conformance to the WiMAX standards for performance and interoperability. Redline's carrier-class RedMAX Base Station (AN-100U) supports voice, video, and prioritized data traffic, enabling long-range, high-capacity wireless broadband networks. Redline's WiMAX products also include the RedMAX Indoor Subscriber Unit (SU-I) and Outdoor Subscriber Unit (SU-O) designed for enterprise and residential services. The RedMAX Management Suite enables operators to monitor and control the network, ensuring high service availability. Redline is maintaining its WiMAX leadership with the expansion of its RedMAX family to include products for additional frequency bands, applications and standards.

RedMAX 4C Mobile WiMAX Platform

The RedMAX 4C is the latest addition to Redline's family of WiMAX products. Operating in the 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz spectrum bands, RedMAX 4C is designed to conform to the requirements for 802.16e Certification Wave 2, which is the WiMAX Forum's official certification program for Mobile WiMAX. Supporting a high concentration of subscribers, it enables operators to realize a rapid return on their WiMAX investment, with a low total cost of ownership. The RedMAX 4C includes a modular, standardized (micro)TCA (micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture) chassis base station that is small, lightweight and easy to deploy. RedMAX 4C will also include a suite of indoor and outdoor fixed and portable end-user devices including laptops, mobile handsets and PDAs.