Indra has been awarded its first contract in Latvia, whereby the company will implement and start up an integrated surveillance system for the country's naval forces that will protect its territorial waters and coasts from threats. The contract valued at €18.2 M is to be concluded in 22 months.

The project consists of implementing remote fixed stations equipped with sea-surveillance radar systems as well as an optronic platform with ultrared sensor and night vision camera along 500 km of Latvia’s coastline.

The stations are connected to a command and control centre located in Liepaja, which integrates all the data compiled by sensor stations to create a common and unified scenario of the Latvian coast to alert the systems operators for possible threats (drug traffic, illegal immigration, smuggled goods, etc.) with enough time for an effective response. The centre can also transmit and receive information from coastguard patrols. The contract foresees the possibility of including additional sea surveillance systems as well as extending the trial period.

Following a contract from Hong Kong this is only the second time that the sea-surveillance system based on SIVE’s Spanish technology has been exported. This contract is very important from a strategic point of view, as it is the first reference for the company in Eastern Europe, an area rich in projects in the boundary-surveillance market, with foreseen tenders in the upcoming months in Lithuania, Rumania, Bulgaria and Turkey, among others.