SiGe Semiconductor recently announced plans to deliver a series of radio frequency (RF) front-end modules for WiMAX systems. The new front-end modules will combine SiGe’s proven high-performance WiMAX power amplifier architecture with the company’s expertise in multi-chip module integration to deliver small devices capable of industry-leading efficiency and performance. These features will optimize end user experience of broadband wireless access services by allowing WiMAX-enabled consumer electronics to support longer battery life and improved transmission range.

The series is scheduled to begin rolling out in early 2008 with sampling of the SE7261, a front-end module designed specifically to support the requirements of laptop computers. SiGe’s roadmap also includes chip-scale front-end modules for small handheld devices including personal digital assistants and cellular handsets, as well as higher output power modules for customer premises equipment.

Each of SiGe’s WiMAX front-end modules will incorporate all of the circuitry required between the transceiver and antenna, including the power amplifier, power detectors, filters, switches, matching and bias components. Based on SiGe's high-performance power amplifier, the front-end module delivers over 20% efficiency at 24 dBm output power. SiGe Semiconductor will demonstrate this underlying technology at the WiMAX World Conference, September 25-27, at booth 531.

“We have a proven track record delivering high-performance RF front-end solutions to the consumer markets. These new WiMAX RF front-end modules will leverage this expertise to allow manufacturers to support WiMAX services without compromising battery life,” said Darcy Poulin, senior systems engineer, at SiGe Semiconductor. “In addition, providing all of the RF circuitry in a single, fully tested module simplifies design, reduces bill of materials for lower cost and board area, and speeds time-to-market.”

SiGe Semiconductor’s new front-end modules will be compliant to the IEEE 802.16e specification, commonly known as mobile WiMAX. This wireless metropolitan area network technology optimizes use of available bandwidth to allow for higher data rates over longer distances. The technology compliments WiFi and cellular technologies to allow truly ubiquitous wireless access to multimedia applications, high definition video, and voice and data services.

“WiMAX is a key step in the convergence of different wireless capabilities into mobile devices for the future,” said Stefan Fulga, director of strategy, SiGe Semiconductor. “Our strategy addresses the technical challenges associated with this, including how to support WiMAX, WiFi, GNSS and cellular in portable devices while still meeting expectations for battery life, performance and price.”

SiGe’s WiMAX strategy follows from the success of its Bluetooth and 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN power amplifiers, recognized for their ability to enhance data throughput and transmission range. To date, the company has shipped more than 200 million devices including power amplifiers and front-end modules, which have been integrated into laptops, handsets, PC cards and gaming systems by some of the world’s leading names in consumer electronics.

About SiGe Semiconductor, Inc.

SiGe Semiconductor is a leading global supplier of innovative radio frequency integrated circuits and multi-chip modules enabling wireless multimedia in consumer electronics. SiGe's products simplify the addition of wireless communications and navigation capability to a wide array of computing, entertainment and mobile products. The company's solutions comply with the WiFi, WiMAX, GPS and Galileo technology standards, offering value through exceptional performance at competitive prices. SiGe operates worldwide, focusing on servicing leading consumer electronics OEMs and ODMs through its five key sites and distribution network.

About SiGe Semiconductor’s Lead-Free Initiative

The use of lead in the design and manufacture of electronic products is an increasing environmental concern. In support of industry-wide initiatives to protect the environment, all SiGe Semiconductor, Inc. products we ship today are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

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