Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced that its Maryland-based subsidiary, Comtech Mobile Datacom Corp., received a new order under its contract with the US Army Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) valued at $2.7 M for services related to expanding its satellite network and deploying improved ground station equipment. Initial funding for this order was set at $1.5 M, with additional funding expected to be provided in the near future.

In support of the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below - Blue Force Tracking (FBCB2-BFT) program, a real-time situational awareness and control system, Comtech will test and deploy improved beam processing HUB equipment to selected portions of its satellite network. Additionally, CMDC will provide equipment and services to enable use of the INMARSAT 4 satellite constellation.

Fred Kornberg, president and chief executive officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., said, "We are extremely pleased to receive this latest award for support of the FBCB2-BFT program. This order highlights the close working relationship between our engineering and network teams and the program office, and we believe this action further demonstrates the critical role our improved network technology plays within the Department of Defense's logistics and war fighter communities."