Arlon displayed high performance, "Best-in-Class" CLTE-XT for multi-layer, phase sensitive microwave circuits for radar, antennas and other circuits requiring high reliability at this year's EuMW.

CLTE-XT represents the eXtended Technology of the existing CLTE product line. CLTE-XT is a micro dispersed ceramic PTFE composite utilizing a woven fiberglass reinforcement to provide the highest degree of dimensional stability, critical in multi-layer designs. CLTE-XT is in a league of its own when utilizing thin (0.005 and 0.010, for example) substrates or when CLTE-XT is combined with thin film resistor conductor materials such as Ohmega-Ply® and TCR® foils utilized for embedded resistors.

CLTE-XT has insertion loss of S21 and loss tangent of 0.0012. During development, Arlon focused not only reducing loss tangent, but also in reducing conductive losses.

The impact of copper foil roughness on conductor loss is due to increase in transmission line resistance as a result of skin effect. Arlon's CLTE-XT was designed to provide a quality peel strength without having to resort to the utilization of the lossier, rougher coppers prevalent in competitive products to achieve acceptable copper adhesion.

CLTE-XT has low CTExyz and very low TCEr for applications that require electrical phase stability, DK stability and mechanical stability well over a -55° to 150°C operating temperature. CLTE-XT continues the competitive advantages of CLTE (dimensional stability, low absorption of moisture and processing chemicals, ease of processability). The higher thermal conductivity of CLTE-XT improves heat transfer relative to alternative materials and enables better power handling.

Applications include space and military electronics who require a higher degree of performance such as phase sensitive arrays for radar, RF/microwave communications, aircraft collision avoidance systems and JTRS. CLTE-XT is also a preferred material for sensitive filter applications.