Jazz Semiconductor®, a leader in analog-intensive mixed-signal (AIMS) foundry solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jazz Technologies Inc., announced that it has collaborated on the design and production of the first 100 Gb/s (Gigabits/second) integrated circuits (IC) for service provider networks.

Infinera Corp. utilized Jazz Semiconductor's 0.18-micron Silicon Germanium (SiGe) BiCMOS process (SBC18QTD) to enable the integration required to develop aspects of the electronics for a new architecture, Digital Optical Networks. The new digital architecture is designed to be more flexible, simpler and quicker to deploy than traditional DWDM systems.

The Infinera DTN system provides significant benefits to service providers in terms of capacity, scalability, flexibility, reliability and intelligence. The Infinera DTN's innovative digital architecture has won service provider customers for long-haul and metro networks worldwide since its launch less than three years ago.

The 100 Gb/s IC used by Infinera was developed using Jazz Semiconductor's 0.18-micron SiGe BiCMOS process, SBC18QTD, which offers next-generation solutions for low power, integrated wireless and optical products that require high performance bipolar transistors, high quality passives and 3.3 V CMOS FETs suitable for moderate levels of mixed-signal and logic integrations. This platform is built upon Jazz Semiconductor's 0.18-micron Analog/RF CMOS baseline process and includes four layers of metal. This process includes two bipolar (NPN) transistors, 3.3 V CMOS, lateral and vertical PNP transistors, 2fF/μm2 MIM capacitors, resistors (poly, Nwell and metal) and high-Q inductors. Options include deep trench isolation, Schottky diode, high performance varactors, triple well, a stacked 4fF/μm2 MIM capacitor, four layers of metal and thick top metal.

"Jazz process technologies are well-suited for our complex, highly advanced optical systems. Our multi-channel approach requires high levels of integration at high speed and low power and the 0.18-micron SiGe BiCMOS technology has been a good fit," said David Welch, chief marketing and strategy officer at Infinera. "Their robust design kits and tools have allowed us to bring this product to market quickly and Jazz has provided us with world-class support."

"Customers like Infinera can take advantage of our high performance SBC18 platform to achieve aggressive performance and power consumption specifications as well as fast time-to-market for differentiated, highly integrated products," said Marco Racanelli, vice president of technology and engineering, Jazz Semiconductor. "We are pleased to sustain our successful relationship with Infinera as they continue to develop, design and meet the ever-changing market demands for optical networking ICs."