Design Solutions Inc. (DSI) is opening a new design center in Munich, Germany, Design Solutions GmbH.

The state-of-the-art facility provides engineering, design, simulation and prototype manufacturing services to the electronics industry. The center also includes a high-level FPGA and ASIC development group.

The company currently has seven locations in the US and two in Europe, demonstrating its consistent growth globally as a premier provider of task-oriented engineering and manufacturing services to the commercial and military electronics industry, as well as full turn-key product development solutions for large clients and small start-ups.

Sean O’Neil, president and CEO of DSI, said, “With the opening of this new design center, the German market will benefit from product engineering expertise across all disciplines.

This includes electrical engineering, performance simulation, component and product packaging, PCB design, performance and reliability analysis, and much more, such as mechanical design, software development, prototype PCB fabrication, product assembly and testing.”

Pointing out that Germany is the fifth largest technology market with the world’s second highest cost structure, making it a key strategic location for DSI’s business model, he continued, “The new facility helps DSI further its business plan of providing local design/engineering centers to global technology hubs, in order to provide local project management and support, while leveraging low cost regions for a majority of the engineering work. We’ve proven that using a combination of local and low cost labor is the perfect balance between what the engineering managers want, which is quality, and what the business managers want in terms of cost.”