MicroMetrics Inc. and Modelithics Inc. are actively collaborating to produce new nonlinear models for the MicroMetrics line of high performance limiter diodes, starting with the MP7100, 7110 and 7120 series.

Available now for Agilent ADS users, the new models are valid for large-signal design allowing designers to better understand the temperature and power dependency of the RF behavior of these diodes for improved design.

The models will be ported to other simulators on a schedule depending on user demand. These models are the first set in an on-going collaboration that will make many more high accuracy models available to enhance design efficiency for MicroMetrics customers.

Users of Modelithics' Non-Linear Diode Library (NLD) will automatically receive the developed models in a future release. Requests for the complimentary (free) use of these models, along with related RF data are available from the Modelithics and MicroMetrics web sites, or directly from Here.

Modelithics president and CEO Larry Dunleavy commented that “We are very pleased to announce the availability of these models and to have MicroMetrics as a Strategic Modelithics Vendor Partner.

These partnerships aim to help designers who seek better models for high quality components like those available from MicroMetrics.” Jim Morgan, president and CEO of MicroMetrics, added that "Customers have reported great success using these expert simulations. They have proven to be an effective tool in recent limiter designs. We expect to see similar results on other parts."