Auriga Measurement Systems LLC announced that it has accepted additional funding from White Oak Partners Inc. in order to develop and launch its next generation of products for RF microwave modeling, characterization and test industry customers. After achieving world-wide acceptance in its first two-years, Auriga is now refining its product suite to offer enhanced products that incorporate key features to protect their customers’ capital equipment investment while maximizing their test capabilities.

“Our customers have been asking us for more tactical test and measurement solutions in the device modeling and RF microwave test space. We see untapped market potential and know we can leverage our experience to meet these new requests,” said David P. Menzer, president of Auriga. “We have a great relationship with White Oak Partners, so when we identified this opportunity, it made perfect sense to work with White Oak to help us fast-track this product-rollout.”

“Auriga has identified several unique needs in their market space. With White Oak contributing new funds, we believe Auriga can accelerate their launch of new products, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition and continue to show their customers significant cost and time-savings,” said William E. York, White Oak senior partner.