Building on its well-established European Automated Test Equipment (ATE) business, Aeroflex announced it will begin selling into the US ATE market, starting with the 5800 series multi-configuration, multi-function PCB test system. Launched in November 2005 in Europe, the 5800 series has proven itself as a flexible solution that meets the demands of today’s rapidly evolving PCB industry and can be easily upgraded to satisfy future requirements as they emerge.

“The versatile 5800 series enables users to integrate hardware with commercial off-the-shelf and PXI instrumentation from third party suppliers, allowing one machine to be cost effectively configured to any test environment,” said Simon Dawe, product manager, Aeroflex. “Aeroflex’s ATE offering is unique because it’s a comprehensive solution. It provides customers with the complete package–products, applications, service and support, something you can’t get from other US companies.”

In addition to the 5800 series, Aeroflex offers a variety of ATE solutions that have achieved great success in automotive safety and medical testing applications throughout Europe. The automotive applications involve testing airbag controllers, braking control systems, telematic and night vision units, occupancy safety sensors and steering wheel electronics, and other automotive safety equipment. Medical applications include testing glucose meters, medication pumps, blood monitors and other medical equipment.