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TriQuint: Using PowerBand™ Devices

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TriQuint’s new PowerBand™ family of discrete RF transistors offers unprecedented efficiency levels of 45% to 50% from 500MHz to 3GHz. This free one hour webinar will demonstrate how to simplify wideband RF designs by using these new transistors to reduce amplifier line-ups by 50% or more while simultaneously enabling high-efficiency operation.

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Freescale 50 V LDMOS

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Microwave Journal and Freescale invite you to view this free one-hour webinar on-demand featuring our latest Very High Voltage 6th generation (VHV6) LDMOS platform. An overview of the VHV6 device structure, including advantages over competing device technologies, device and design considerations that specifically target enhancing ruggedness performance will also be presented.

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Microwave Journal teams with Besser Associates, the leader in RF/microwave training, in this series of online courses in RF/microwave principles for working professionals.

Exclusive Online Seminar

RF and uW Power Amplifiers

Sponsored by: AWR®

March 24, 2009; 11:00 am ET

This webinar presents an introduction to RF and Microwave power amplifier design and characteristics. Included are discussions on basic power amplifier concepts, classes of operation, linearity, and efficiency enhancement techniques.

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