TRL Technology has become the sixth member of the international MRCM EW-focused alliance, adding its state-of-the-art satellite technology to the portfolio. The UK-based radio and satellite communications systems specialist joins Ewation, Grintek Ewation, Herley Industries, Indra and Sysdel in providing a global signal intelligence systems and product resource.

The MRCM alliance was established in 2000 and its focus is to provide strategic co-operation between leading edge defence technology players, enabling each company to work in partnership with other members, while retaining its individual corporate identity.

TRL Technology's managing director, Peter McKee, believes that the move provides a significant opportunity for a specialist niche company to accelerate its market position. He commented, "This is an important strategic step for TRL Technology, giving us the opportunity to elevate our sights in terms of larger scale, integrated contracts and to align ourselves firmly with other leading manufacturers in the EW arena. As a niche market player, we recognise the importance of finding new ways to broaden our market base and harness other related technologies to offer a complete solution."