Remtec®, the leading manufacturer of substrates and packages with Plated Copper On Thick Film (PCTF®), has significantly expanded its activity in the design and fabrication of DBC ceramic products for military and commercial applications in small to medium production volumes with fast prototyping and economic pricing. This capability is supported by close cooperation with Rogers Corp. to provide Remtec with its standard curamik® brand mastercards. Remtec facilitates fast turnaround by keeping an extensive stock of the most commonly used 5.5” x 7.5” Alumina and Aluminum Nitride DBC configurations ready for production.

Rogers and Remtec have agreed to a long term commitment that enables Remtec to stock curamik® mastercards and provide rapid response to customer needs around the world. Remtec utilizes the well-known quality of curamik® DBC substrates coupled with high quality Remtec plating typical of its PCTF® products.

A combination of both technologies, with an added benefit of timely delivery and fast, comprehensive application engineering and sales support, results in unique, quick turnaround solutions meeting the growing demands of the power electronics market. Remtec offers its customers versatile surface finish options such as selective gold, gold tin plating, and ENEPIG. These processes along with various solder mask options allow for high reliability, low cost solutions suitable for any assembly technique.

Typical end products for DBC substrates are IGBT power modules, power hybrids, smart power modules, power supplies, solar cell and LED assemblies. In addition to commercial products, Remtec is a registered ITAR complaint company, producing a variety of military and aerospace applications.