NPR111_photo_mr_100High Power Linear X-Band PA for Satellite Communications

MITEQ Inc. introduces a new addition to its family of wideband high power amplifiers. The AMF-5B-07900840-35-40P is a connectorized X-band high power amplifier/module, covering 7.9 to 8.4 GHz and delivering over 10 W at P1 dB.

The connectorized aluminum housing is 1.7” high, including the top fins, 5.77” wide and 5.77” long, excluding the connectors and the standard field replaceable isolator. Connectors are female, SMA. It is intended for bolting to a flat cooling surface. Housing in environmentally sealed, EMI shielded and hermetic sealing option is also available. A top heatsink is also utilized.

This module has internal regulation, over voltage, temperature and reverse polarity protection. Single +12 to +15V supply is required. PA is fully compliant over a base temperature range of -30 to +60°C.

Nominal small-signal gain is near 45 dB with a gain flatness of less than ±1.5 dB. RF port VSWRs are less than 1:1.5 and noise figure is less than 3 dB. Output IP3 is typically 47 dBm.

Current draw is nominally 5A and 5.2A at P1dB. Heatsink, fan pack, and TTL control are optional.

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