Carlisle Interconnect Technologies High-Density Shielded Interconnects (HDSI®) cables are the perfect solution to a wide variety of demanding, high-speed applications. Whether in ATE, Servers, Backplanes, Telecom Switches or many more, the HDSI® cable is the lowest cost answer for your high-speed digital or analog signal transmissions.

The HDSI® products are rugged, flexible, low profile, light weight, micro-miniature ribbonized coax or differential pair cable assemblies that are optimized with matched impedance cable and/or printed circuit boards. The manufacturing is preformed with Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' unique laser cable prep and termination process which allows for the processing of ultra fine pitch and gauge cable with the high yields and quality required in today's applications. In addition, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies now offers the same high performance laser HDSI® assembly in Asia at Tensolite's China Facility in Dongguan City.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies HDSI® design team understands your need for cost effective solutions and specializes in optimizing for the application using all the industry available connectors and cables or by designing new custom components. With state-of-the-art modeling and prototyping capability the Carlisle Interconnect Technologies team works with you to deliver the design that meet your total need.