Unparalleled modeling and characterizations services Auriga’s Device Modeling and Characterization Services Group is a great addition to your R&D, design, or production test team. Successful device modeling requires both an accurate model and accurate measurements. Auriga has the expertise of both disciplines – helping you achieve “first-pass” design success. Successful extraction of models resulted in scaling a large power device from 50W up to 150W. The Auriga Services Group leverages more than 75-years experience of modeling and characterizing high-frequency, high-power RF microwave devices. The Group is built around Dr. Yusuke Tajima, co-creator of the Tajima-Hsu Model. Dr. Tajima’s philosophy of becoming an “extension of your team” is present in every project Auriga undertakes. Whether you need; consulting services for a new design, a model created on a current device, characterization of your product’s performance, validation of your test results, or supplemental support for an overburdened team, Auriga can help. Auriga’s state-of-the-art lab, based in Massachusetts, is fully functional and ready to use 24/7. Standard Auriga lab systems available (partial list) • DC IV or pulsed IV • CW or pulsed RF • Large signal harmonic Load Pull • Noise parameter Standard device models (partial list) • MESFET and PHEMT: Tajima-Hsu, Materka, Angelov2 • LDMOS: MOS11 • BJT and HBT: Gummel-Poon, VBIC, Root