Our turn-key, fully automated, component test systems provide a single-connection, multiple measurement architecture used in both low volume and high volume manufacturing of high frequency commercial and military modules and MMIC devices, such as transmit and receive modules (T/R), LMDS and MMDS CPE and Base station testing. Our overall testing solutions are used in research and development to perform precise electrical measurements on increasingly complex and high speed chips in order to assure quality and reliability, reduce costly redesigns, accelerate time-to-market and improve chip fabrication processes. These systems are used not only in engineering but as manufacturing test systems. Our test systems reduce manufacturing costs of complex and high speed chips by supporting the identification of defective chips and modules early in the process. Auriga Solutions: · Custom automated test systems · Custom Software development · Custom Fixturing · Build-to-print Rack and Stack Services · Upgrade your current system(s). · Test System consulting services. · Test and Measurement user training services. · Test System yearly support service contracts as well as for 8 hour response.