Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable SR-141-C

SR-141-C □Specification Meets MIL-C-17/130 □Continuous working voltage Max. 1900Vrms □Operating Temperature Range -40°C ~ 125°C Construction Item Material Diameter Remark Center Conductor SPCW 0.92 mm (0.036 inch) Solid Type Dielectric PTFE(Solid) 2.98 mm (0.117 inch) Outer Shield Copper(Tube) 3.58 mm (0.141 inch) 100% Coverage Electrical Data Item Specification Remark Operating Frequency Max. 20GHz Conductor Resistance Max. 2.06 Ω/100ft at 20°C Dielectric Resistance Min. 1000 ㏁.㎞ at 20°C Test Voltage 5000Vrms 1 Min Velocity of propagation Nom. 69.5% Capacitance Max. 29.9 pF/ft Characteristic Impedance 50 ±2 Ω Approx. Weight 46.7 kg/km Max. Attenuation 8.0dB/100ft (0.26dB/m) at 500MHz 12.0dB/100ft (0.39dB/m) at 1GHz 21.0dB/100ft (0.69dB/m) at 3GHz 29.0dB/100ft (0.95dB/m) at 5GHz 45.0dB/100ft (1.48dB/m) at 10GHz 70.0dB/100ft (2.30dB/m) at 20GHz

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