The PNA Series builds on Agilent’s 40-year legacy of excellence to deliver new standards in speed, accuracy, and versatility for microwave network analysis. The Agilent PNA-X premier-performance network analyzers are the latest addition to the PNA family and are specifically designed for high performance active device tests. The industry-leading performance and highly integrated, configurable nature of the PNA-X make it the ideal solution for comprehensive network analysis up to 26.5 GHz. The PNA Series consists of three families: PNA, PNA-L and PNA-X. The standard PNA is suitable for testing passive and active devices such as filters and amplifiers. Users can easily add options to test mixers, harmonics, intermodulation distortion (IMD), pulsed-RF, antennas and millimeter-wave (mmwave) components in frequency ranges from 300 kHz to 110 GHz. The PNA-L is designed for general purpose S-parameter measurements. Link: