State College, PA -- October 19, 2010 -- Remcom announces it will extend XStream GPU acceleration for electromagnetic simulation to the upcoming release of Wireless InSite, its site-specific radio propagation tool for the analysis and design of wireless systems. The release is planned for early 2011. A preview is planned at the MILCOM 2010 conference, October 31 - November 3 in San Jose, California. Remcom engineers will demonstrate the new features on a custom system outfitted with the latest in GPU technology at Remcom’s booth (#1510).

With the availability of GPU capability, substantial speedups are possible with Wireless InSite’s Full 3D Ray Model and Moving Window FDTD Model. As with Remcom’s XFdtd software, XStream will be bundled at no additional cost with the new release of Wireless InSite.

Ryan Ohs, product manager for Wireless InSite, said, “We are leveraging our FDTD GPU technology beyond XFdtd to our other products and taking advantage of NVIDIA’s most advanced CUDA-enabled GPUs. Cutting simulation times by up to an order of magnitude or more allows users to get answers to complex problems much faster. As a result, users can simulate more scenarios for a given study than was previously possible.”

Learn more about Wireless InSite for wireless EM propagation and XStream for speeding EM simulations by visiting Remcom’s website at or by clicking the link below our logo on this page.