Burlington, MA – November 30, 2010 – COMSOL Inc., the developer of the industry-leading COMSOL Multiphysics simulation environment, announces that Tom Quinn, Microsoft Windows HPC Server Account Manager, will deliver a keynote address during the 6th annual COMSOL Conference in Boston, MA, October 7-9. Quinn, who joins a distinguished roster of keynote speakers from some of the world's foremost engineering and scientific technology companies and research institutions, will speak on the computational challenges of advanced modeling and simulation then describe solutions to this challenge as well as significant trends within technical computing across client, cluster, and cloud computing.

“We are delighted that Microsoft will be delivering a keynote address at this year's COMSOL Conference in Boston,” says Yeswanth Rao, Conference Program Committee Chairman. “The boundless capability of distributed computing power available through clustered nodes and cloud computing is an ideal platform for the COMSOL multi-disciplinary engineering and scientific analysis environment. We developed COMSOL Multiphysics from its beginning to use Microsoft's technology. That Microsoft recognizes our role and the importance of COMSOL users both now and into the future of engineering and scientific analysis is a remarkable compliment.”

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