Upcoming North American CST events

There are some spaces on all of the courses and locations below. The courses are designed to give you a good grounding in using the software to successfully simulate the electromagnetic performance of your applications.

• CST STUDIO SUITE(tm) - Signal Integrity / Power Integrity / EMC Module
San Mateo, CA. Nov 10/11. Details and registration: http://www.cst.com/Content/Events/Details.aspx?eventId=1665
Framingham, MA . Nov 17/18. Details and registration: http://www.cst.com/Content/Events/Details.aspx?eventId=1672

• CST STUDIO SUITE(tm) - Microwave & Antenna Module San Mateo, CA. Nov 17/18. Details and registration: http://www.cst.com/Content/Events/Details.aspx?eventId=1673
Framingham, MA . Dec 8/9. Details and registration: http://www.cst.com/Content/Events/Details.aspx?eventId=1674

There are 2 remaining webinars in our 2010 series. These are 45 minutes long and are free to attend.

• "Modeling the Installed Performance of Antennas in a ship topside environment"

• "CST STUDIO SUITE 2011 - Integrating simulation technology (v2011 update)"

For more details and to register: http://www.cst.com/Content/Events/webinars.aspx

Lightning Simulation - Darmstadt, Germany and streaming on-line - free

This in-depth workshop will be physically located in Darmstadt Germany, but we will be broadcasting the event live and also recording the sessions for viewing on-demand.

In North America it should be possible to catch the afternoon sessions live from the East Coast.

As well as speakers from CST there are also invited presentations from Lockheed Martin, Cassidian (EADS), Rolls Royce and others.

For the full agenda and to register for the on-site event or the live stream: http://www.cst.com/Content/Events/Details.aspx?eventId=1694