Agilent Technologies’ New X-Series Signal Analyzer Options Deliver Wider Bandwidth, Faster Speed, More Measurement Capabilities

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 28, 2010 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced new options for the X-Series signal analyzers designed to deliver wider bandwidth, faster measurement speed and more measurement capabilities. The options specifically address the needs of today’s wireless R&D and manufacturing engineers performing wideband signal demodulation analysis by providing quicker insight into signal analysis and faster, more cost-effective component characterization.

Agilent will demonstrate the new options, along with other products and services for wireless communication; radar; RF technologies; high-frequency semiconductors; electromagnetic; commercial and military RF; microwave; and mm-wave electronics and applications, at the European Microwave Week 2010, Sept. 26 - Oct. 1, Paris, CNIT La Défense, Booth 62/46.

“Today’s wireless and consumer electronics industries are facing wider bandwidth requirements to support the higher data rates needed for transmission of downloads, video and data in smartphones and other applications,” said Jim Curran, marketing manager of Agilent’s Microwave and Communications Division. “With the new options, the X-Series signal analyzers continue to deliver unmatched measurement power and versatility.”

Wider Analysis Bandwidth
A new 40-MHz analysis bandwidth option for the Agilent MXA and EXA signal analyzers delivers wideband signal analysis and measurement capabilities. These capabilities include 40 MHz bandwidth CCDF measurement; burst power measurement; QPSK EVM measurement; IQ waveform measurement; 802.16e OFDM modulation analysis; and other complex digital modulation analysis.

A new 25-MHz bandwidth option for the CXA signal analyzer specifically addresses the wideband signal analysis requirement in low cost R&D and consumer electronics manufacturing. For test environments requiring even wider bandwidth, the highest performance Agilent PXA signal analyzer offers up to 140 MHz of bandwidth.

Faster Measurement Speed
A new digital IF (DIF) design feature in the MXA and EXA signal analyzers expands analysis bandwidth to 40 MHz. It also adds an enhanced digital processor with deeper capture memory, up to 2 GB, and real-time error correction to accelerate IQ acquisition. The faster measurement speed ensures engineers have the speed their measurement tasks demand, as well as the flexibility to choose the X-Series analyzer that provides the best balance of cost and performance.

New Measurement Capabilities
The X-Series signal analyzers now offer the following two additional capabilities for device under test (DUT) stimulus-response measurements.

• An external source control capability on the CXA/EXA/MXA signal analyzer that supports the Agilent MXG N5181A/N5182A signal generator. This support enables the most flexible stimulus-response measurements of components or devices by leveraging the powerful functionality of the MXG signal generators.
• A built-in tracking generator (up to 6 GHz) on the low-cost CXA signal analyzer that ensures the most cost effective and fastest solution for component characterization in low-cost, high-volume test environments.

The Agilent X-Series represents an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instruments, measurements and software. Agilent’s X-Series signal analyzers include the high-end PXA, mid-range MXA, economy-class EXA, and low-cost CXA, and offer more than 22 industry-leading measurement applications.

U.S. Pricing and Availability
Agilent’s new options to the X-Series signal analyzers will be available for order in November. Prices for the options start as follows:

• MXA signal analyzer
N9020A-B40…40 MHz analysis bandwidth…$13, 400
N9020A-ESC…External source control…$1,500

• EXA signal analyzer
N9010A-B40…40 MHz analysis bandwidth…$11,300
N9010A-ESC…External source control…$1,500

• CXA signal analyzer
N9000A-B25…25 MHz analysis bandwidth…$4,600
N9000A-T03…Tracking generator, 9 kHz to 3 GHz…$3,600
N9000A-T06…Tracking generator, 9 kHz to 6 GHz…$5,600
N9000A-ESC…External source control…$1,500

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