El Segundo, CA - September 16, 2010

What: AWR has posted a wide range of new content to AWR.TV, a comprehensive, multimedia resource for technical and product information. Log on now to view new channels and related videos:

1. IMS 2010 Channel

IEEE 2010 IMS AWR & Partners MicroApp Presentations:
• Single Chip LNA by AWR & Sapphicon
• PA Design by AWR
• Online Design by AWR & Transim
• Nonlinear Co-Sim by AWR & Anritsu
• Multichip Module Design by AWR
• LTE System Design by AWR
• iFilter™ by AWR
• MRHB™ by AWR
• Finite Elements by AWR
• SI Design Considerations by AWR & Synopsys

2. MMIC Design

New multi-part series that features MMIC LNA design utilizing TriQuint’s TQPED process. The video series is produced by Dr. Mike Heimlich, AWR M&RF Specialist.

3. What’s New with AWR’s 2010 Software Releases

What is new in MWO 2010
• Connectivity Checker
• iFilter Distributed Filter Synthesis
• Constant Output Power Feature
• iNets Routing Technology in PCB Design
• Multi-Rate Harmonic Balance Tutorial
• Cadence Allegro Importing Overview
What is new in VSS 2010:
• Sweeping Data Files in VSS
• Using VSS for X-Band Radar Design and Analysis
• Designing with COTS Components Using VSS
PowerLVS in Analog Office 2010
PowerDRC in Analog Office 2010
Antenna Analysis in AXIEM 2010

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When: Now