San Francisco, July 27th 2009, Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announces the introduction of a new CST PCB STUDIO® solver module for Power Integrity analysis at DAC, booth #3155.

Engineers working on the design of power delivery networks will benefit from CST’s latest addition to CST STUDIO SUITE™. The new CST PCB STUDIO™ Power Integrity solver, based on a special 3D FEM approach, helps calculate accurate impedance profiles within a full 3D simulation, but in a fraction of the time required by traditional 3D solvers.

The PI solver is tightly integrated in the CST design environment and shares the same well-known usability features as the other CST STUDIO SUITE solver modules. It can be integrated easily in various workflows through a set of high quality interfaces which can be used to create 3D models automatically from layout data, including various lumped components. Engineers will use this to verify whether their effective impedance meets the target impedance requirements, taking into account all the additional information and properties of the entire 3D structure, including all possible resonances.

“The EDA market is becoming increasingly important for CST,” stated Dr. Bernhard Wagner, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, CST. “We feel that our well established 3D technology can make a significant contribution to the EDA design cycle.”

The Power Integrity solver will be available in CST STUDIO SUITE™ 2010 which is due for release in January 2010.