Cleveland, Ohio - November 24, 2008 - Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE:KEI), a leader in solutions for emerging measurement needs, announced today that it is developing a WiMAX device production test solution for two 802.16e WiMAX devices from Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited. This WiMAX RF SISO/MIMO manufacturing test configuration features Keithley's award-winning RF test solutions, the Model 2820 RF Vector Signal Analyzer and Model 2920 RF Vector Signal Generator. The configuration will enable Fujitsu Microelectronics to perform a set of Tx and Rx test sequences quickly and efficiently. The system's easy expandability also will offer Fujitsu the unique ability to test its WiMAX devices in both SISO and MIMO mode.

Keithley's WiMAX solution is built on a next-generation hardware platform that enables the simple and inexpensive addition of support for new signal standards and methodologies (such as 802.16e mobile WiMAX Wave 2 testing of up to 8x8 MIMO channels) without requiring users to purchase expensive hardware upgrades or new instrumentation. Keithley MIMO systems based on the Keithley Model 2820 RF Vector Signal Analyzer and Model 2920 RF Vector Signal Generator offer unprecedented time and phase synchronization of MIMO signals. For example, such a system can accommodate the generation of MIMO signals with under 1ns of timing alignment and less than 0.1ยบ of phase jitter. Similarly, the system's multiple Model 2820 analyzers can acquire signals synchronized to fewer than 250ps of time record jitter. Keithley leads the market in offering innovative MIMO test solutions that provide a tightly integrated hardware and software solution for 802.11n WLAN and 802.16 Wave 2 devices.

"WiMAX is quite possibly the most complex modulation scheme in the world, encompassing multiple technologies, and this complexity has made testing a challenge for manufacturers," said Mark Hoersten, vice-president of business development for Keithley. "Keithley's WiMAX test solution will enable Fujitsu Microelectronics to test in any frequency band between 400MHz and 6GHz faster and more easily than any competing offering.

"Keithley has demonstrated a solid understanding of our WiMAX testing application and requirements," said Makoto Awaga, general manager of the Mobile Solution Division at Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited. "They have provided us with a powerful and integrated WiMAX solution that makes very high-speed measurements at the high accuracy levels that are beneficial to production testing."

Keithley's Series 2800 RF Vector Signal Analyzers and Series 2900 RF Vector Generators, which are designed to meet the challenges faced by designers and manufacturers of today's wireless technologies, are also suitable for emerging and future technologies. Because these test instruments are based on next-generation DSP-based Software-Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, they are capable of making extremely high speed measurements with excellent accuracy. Their SDR architecture also enables easier and less costly instrument upgrades to accommodate new wireless and cellular standards. In addition, Keithley signal analyzers or signal generators can be used in an automated production environment or can be moved easily to the bench for standalone test applications. Keithley's test systems provide frequency coverage from 400MHz to 4GHz and to 6GHz. Coverage in the lower frequencies (below 2.4GHz) is gaining in importance, as the 400-700MHz bands are opened to new mobile wireless communications services likely to employ WiMAX.