Ideal for Fiber Optics, Test & Measurement, Military & Space Applications.

November 17, 2008 - Hittite's Fiber Optic Solutions brochure provides in-depth information on Hittite's newly released Data Converters & High Speed Digital Logic product lines, as well as Transimpedance and Optical Driver Amplifiers. Our broad portfolio of fiber optic products meets the demanding requirements of high speed communications, test and industrial applications.

The HMC-T2000 brochure features electrical performance, interface information, and application circuit suggestions for the HMC-T2000 synthesized signal generator. The HMC-T2000 provides the highest output power, lowest harmonic levels and broadest frequency range amongst signal generators of its size and cost.

Hittite's October 2008 Microwave Modules & Instrumentation Selection Guide summarizes over 50 Module & Instrumentation products. This informative guide is available in both US and Euro version pricing, and features full specifications for Test & Measurement, Telecom, Military and Space applications.

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