Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Rogers, Ct - Rogers Corporation (Hall 3.1, Stand 143) will be featuring its new light weight BISCO L3-A silicone vibration mitigation foam product at the upcoming International Trade Fair for Transport Technology (InnoTrans 2008) to be held in Berlin, September 23-26.

Rogers' BISCO L3-A cellular foam material has been designed specifically for use in passenger railcar flooring systems. The foam provides the highest level of safety protection as mandated by various American and European safety standards, including both British and French fire protection standards.

L3-A features specifically designed stiffness values as determined by the excellent elasticity properties, which results in superior vibration mitigation isolation under all travel conditions. L3-A is a low weight, low flame and low smoke solution for passenger railcars, resulting in safer, quieter cabins.

It exhibits unmatched stress relaxation performance compared to other foam polymers. With less than one percent compression set, L3-A significantly reduces the need for costly refurbishments over a railcar's operational lifetime.

BISCO silicones from Rogers offer a broad portfolio of design solutions for many market applications. BISCO materials are resistant to temperature extremes, UV and ozone and are extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue. They exhibit excellent compression-set and creep resistance. All BISCO cellular products carry the most stringent UL flame ratings available.

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