Acceleware Corp. (TSXV: AXE), a leading developer of high performance computing applications, and Vector Fields, a world leader in electromagnetic modeling software, today announced a partnership to accelerate microwave design by combining Vector Fields’ Concerto automation software package with Acceleware’s FDTD Accelerator solution.

“Our partnership with Vector Fields allows Acceleware to leverage another software channel partner to further penetrate the electromagnetic simulations market, providing a significant boost in simulation speed that allows users to push the boundaries of innovation,” said Sean Krakiwsky, President & CEO, Acceleware Corp. “As frequency simulation becomes more complex our partnership will provide the benefit of superior quality product design to the broader market.”

Vector Fields produces software for modeling and analyzing electromagnetic equipment and effects; Acceleware develops the fastest electromagnetic solver technology available on the market. Together, the technologies will offer RF engineers the tools they need to experience a 20X performance increase in their electromagnetic simulations – shortening design cycles while greatly increasing the integrity of product design and safety.

"Model sizes are getting bigger as a result of generic design trends such as a move to higher frequencies, and more complex radio systems and antennas," said Vector Fields' Dr. Kevin Ward. "But project timescales are going the other way, putting developers under enormous pressure. Acceleware-boosted Concerto simulation gives developers an edge to get right-first-time ideas produced very early in market cycles."

Vector Fields’ Concerto provides a comprehensive design-simulate-analyze-optimize tool chain for high-frequency electromagnetic applications. Two-dimensional or three-dimensional component or system models can be created using an integrated geometric modeler, or imported from CAD programs. The package's applications span the high frequency spectrum and include antennas, waveguides, cavities and resonators, filters, connectors, microwave heating, and radar systems.

Acceleware’s Accelerator™ Card and ClusterInABox™ products harness the parallel processing power of NVIDIA’s® GPU Computing architecture, that pairs with Vector Fields’ Concerto software to offer a turnkey solution for extremely fast electromagnetic simulation. This solution is delivered as a “desk-side supercomputer” that is simple to manage, and available on-demand for engineers.

Concerto is available immediately through Vector Fields. For more information please visit The FDTD Accelerator™ Card and ClusterInABox™ workstation are available for purchase directly from Acceleware. For more information please visit