1) Maintaining QoE in Triple Play Networks Webcast Summary: Agilent will review the key IPTV challenges for development, deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting Triple Play networks. The web seminar will discuss the new challenges of moving from R&D and verification to manufacturing test to ensure the quality and performance of MIMO WLAN systems, and how these challenges can be met with suitable test equipment. January 18, 10 am-11 am (PST) To register: http://www.get.agilent.com/vmx_link.cgi?site=nammo_edm&code=3666reg_pr&ref=3666_eSem_Jan07_QoE_PR_Reg_E 2) Moving 802.11n MIMO from R&D to Manufacturing Test Webcast Summary: Multi-in Multi-Out (MIMO) could prove to be the next major advance in radio technology since the advent of digital communication. MIMO can be used to achieve significantly higher data rates and/or range in wireless systems such as IEEE draft- 802.11n Wireless LAN. However, this does not come for free. This webcast will discuss the increased cost and complexity associated with MIMO and how it can have a multiplying effect on the cost of manufacturing test. January 23, 10 am-11 am (PST) To register: http://www.get.agilent.com/vmx_link.cgi?site=nammowbu&code=3776_PR&ref=3776_eSem_Jan07_MIMO_PRReg_E 3) Demystifying PCI Express 1.1 for New Designs Webcast Summary: This webcast explains physical layer compliance measurements under the PCI Express 1.1 specification. It will cover how to validate the motherboard and add-in card device under the 1.1 spec better preparing the participant for the PCI-Sig plugfests and/or 3rd party testing compliance. January 24, 10 am-11 am (PST) To register: http://www.get.agilent.com/vmx_link.cgi?site=nammodigital&code=3890_pr&ref=3890_eSem_Jan07_PCI_PR_Reg_E