TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. has released two new linear RF amplifier family members that lower power consumption while protecting mobile networks from disruption and service failures.

Setting these amplifiers apart from others now available is TriQuint’s patent-pending integrated protection features that can guard against ESD and DC over-voltage electrical spikes. TriQuint also integrates RF over-drive protection to reduce the chance of damage from high signal levels often seen in systems employing digital pre-distortion linearization techniques commonly utilized in 3G/4G BTS network transceivers.

TriQuint’s new 1 W TQP7M9103 and 2 Watt TQP7M9104 are ideal for 3G/4G wireless infrastructure applications including base transceiver stations, repeaters, boosters, remote radio heads, defense/aerospace and other wireless systems requiring high linearity and gain with low power consumption. The new devices help designers simplify RF connectivity through reduced bills of materials, increased efficiency and packaged design convenience.

By lowering the current draw for the 1 W TQP7M9103, TriQuint can offer the device in an easy-to-use, industry-standard SOT-89 package that simplifies manufacturing. TriQuint’s TQP7M9104 is packaged in an industry-standard 4x4 mm QFN that allows for good thermal attachment to a PCB due to its large backside contact area.